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    Query about how to balance running and gyming

    Confused whether running and gymming can make you unfit? Looking out for advice online? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am 19. I have been grunning for 10 minutes and after that doing some body exercises in gym for one month. One of my friends told me that both action at a time can make me unfit. What is the correct process and how much time of both needs to be done to be a healthy person by exercises?
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  • Thanks for your interest in exercise. Now a days exercise is the main branch of the health.
    You are 19 now. At first we should decide which is better for us. By fact 10 minute gruning is the best for human health. If your stamina is allowed to do ahead you can proceed.
    1. Take 10 minute gruning.
    2. Then take general exercises.
    3. You can take little body flexing exercise after 1 hour.

  • The question here is are you able to take both without feeling strain and tired. As you are young you may be able to withstand the efforts of both.

    However the better alternative will be do the running in the morning. Do the gym exercises in the evening. That way you can start a fresh and active day and do the gym exercises at leisure without the tension of work or job.
    Or if the running you are undertaking now may be converted to a warm up for your gym work by running a bit slower and not deliberately taxing.

    Note to take well balanced nutritious food and also proper rest. sleep and entertainment.

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  • If you are running and going to gym for keeping your weight balanced then you need to do this for 20 minutes a day. Any more time then that is bonus but slow calorie reduction process works with the 20 minutes a day. It is also healthy way to keep the weight balanced if you do any exercise for 20 minutes a day be it morning or evening.

    Another point to remember how much stress you can handle per day. If you just go to the walk everyday for 20 minutes. That also adds up for your health. And soon you;d be able to extend further. So this is definitely a good way to keep a tab on health.

    Do note that in order to keep the balance, you need to meet the dietician and physical trainer. You'd do much better if you learn how to understand healthy way of doing exercise and burning calories.

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