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    Want to start a business in Andhra Pradesh

    I want to start a new business in Andhra Pradesh. Please give me advice for a business startup.

    What type of benefits can I obtain from Andhra Pradesh for a new business venture?
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  • C Sanjeevkumar,

    Welcome to ISC! Please could you provide more information on the type of business you wish to set up and any specific location where you would wish to set it up? You can submit a more detailed query in our Ask Experts section and get the right guidance.

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  • Sanjeev Kumar, at the out set thanks for becoming a member of this great site but your question posed here is not that clear. However I would try to explain that Andhra Pradesh is the budding new state now and everything has been created as new. All the Ministries which were supposed to work in Hyderabad for 10 years have already shifted to Amravati and started working. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu wants to build the new capital with foreign participation and thus create a world record of having new capital at short span. So when you have money, expertise and have time to participate in the development of the new state, please approach the CMO office in Amravati and they can guide you how best you can help the infant state. By the way go with a concrete proposal as to what is your exact program of business venture.

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  • Andhra Pradesh CM Sri Chandra Babu Naidu is an innovative chief - minister and he encourages the entrepreneur to set up bussiness in the state. His Machinery seems to be streamlined and you can approach the office of CM for the detailed information regarding the various industries and the appropriate places where the same can be installed.
    However you must have sufficient expertise in a particular industry with the initial comfortable finance to start you business and since the environment is quite conducive and so you would not face any labour - problem and the state - machinery would provide you different assistance such as allocation of land, sanctioning of loan against your project, providing you basic inputs to run your industries etc.
    Start consulting the concerned agencies for the speedy implementation of the same.

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