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    How to design an EtherCAT slave?

    Wondering how to design an EtherCAT cable? Searching for methods for the design? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am the student of Master of Technology (Electronics). As a part of my project I need to design an EtherCAT slave board (not for a particular application). I just want serial peripheral interface through it.
    I am considering three options for designing EtherCAT Slave board.
    First is using Sitara starter kit as EtherCAT slave. Second is Using a EtherCAT slave controller board like FB1111-0141 and interfacing it with a microprocessor or microcontroller board like ADuC 7020 or designing a circuit with microprocessor.
    The third one is using a manufactured EtherCAT slave card.
    I don't have knowledge of EtherCAT and any of the above. My guide has suggested this to me. I am very much confused about how can I do it? I have started reading all of the above and getting a little idea but still I need help because I don't have prior experience of designing a circuit. Can you advice?
    Awaiting response.
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  • You are the student of Master of Technology (Electronics). As per as your problem you have to set up the EtherCat cable.In EtherCAT operation the CU2508 downlink port used is not transparent, but appears as a Distributed Clocks-capable EtherCAT slave in the configuration. As a result it can appear as a reference clock. However, the EtherCAT slave is otherwise not parameterizable or addressable.

    As applies to every EtherCAT device, the current ESI xml files should be present in the TwinCAT system for the CU2508 also. This applies both to the offline creation of the configuration and to scanning in online operation

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