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    How can I donate my organs? What is the exact procedure?

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    I am planning to donate my organs (of course, after my death). At the same time, I want to ensure that the donated organs actually benefit at least some people. For this purpose, proper preservation of organs after death is extremely necessary.

    I would like to know how to go about this. I mean to say, I also want to ensure that the organs are properly utilised for the benefit of people.

    I am living in Delhi. Which organisation should I contact in Delhi for this purpose? Do I have to sign any agreement or simple will is sufficient?

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  • ORBO (Organ Retrieval Banking Organization) is a trusted organization for organ donation and transplantation in Delhi. It is set up at AIIMS. It maintains lists of ill patients requiring organ transplantation, donor registrations, match recipient with donor and carry out the whole procedure efficiently.

    You need to download and fill the donor form from their website. You have to sign it in the presence of two witnesses and one of them should be near relative. Once filled you can send it back to ORBO. You will then be provided with organ donor card. This card will carry a registration number. Also, sharing complete information with family makes the process less tedious. Though registration is done and the procedure is completed but sometimes family interference after death may pose a problem with organ donation.

    After a person passes away, organization is informed and their team carries out entire procedure of carrying body to the hospital for removal of vital organs and then giving back the body in dignified way to the family. Once organs are removed they immediately preserve it and inform those patients who are in need of them and carry the process of transplantation at the earliest.

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