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    What is the symptoms and cause of Japani fever?

    Have a query about Japani fever? Searching for detailed information about this fever? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Our nearest states are already faced the Japani fever.
    What is its symptoms?
    What is its main cause?
    Why it spreads?
    By which it spreads?
    What is the main medium of flow?
    What is the previous prevention?
    How can one avoid this one?
    What is the previous care for?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • Japanese encephalitis is a mosquito-borne viral infection. It is the leading cause of viral encephalitis in Asia. Humans can get the disease when they are bitten by a mosquito that carries the virus. Japanese encephalitis virus cannot be transmitted from one person to another.


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  • Japani fever/Japani encephalitis carrier:-
    This infection is caused by mosquitoes carrying Japanese encephalitis virus.

    It is a severe disease usually seen in Asia and parts of western Pacific, associated with rice farming.

    1) fever,
    2) chills,
    3) nauseous feeling,
    4) vomiting,
    5) headache,
    6) inflammation of brain,
    7) seizures,
    8) coma,
    9) paralysis of body etc.....

    1) Cover body completely by wearing long sleeve t-shirts, long pants, hats etc.....
    2) Use mosquito repellents which are available in the market in the form of coils, sprays, mats, creams, lotions etc.....
    3) Never go outside without applying enough mosquito repellent cream on body.
    4) Cover windows with mosquito nets.
    5) Do not litter waste and keep home and surroundings clean. Do not allow stagnant water nearby your area or anywhere in your city or town.
    6) Sleep in bed nets.
    7) JE virus vaccination is available which will help an individual from JE virus.

    1) Transfusion of intravenous fluids.
    2) Respiratory support.
    3) Complete bed rest.

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