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    Career options after graduation

    Searching for good career options after B.Com? Find career related from experts on this page.

    I have completed my graduation B.Com general this year. I am planning join MBA. But I really can't understand which course is preferred and which course has a bright future. I am a person who is interested to be different from others. I am not interested in marketing and finance. Can you suggest me any course which can be as a good career option?
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  • Your specific interest is not mentioned. But you are not interested in Finance and Marketing. Now a days many students are opting for MBA. But, the University and the study process are very important in MBA studies. Main stream subject of MBA are wide and we can opt the Main as per our interest. The Major Main Streams of MBA are as follows
    1.Business Management
    2.International Business
    3.Banking and Finance
    4.Supply Chain Management
    5. Entrepreneurial Management
    6. Tour and Travel Management
    7.Logistic Port Management
    8.Airport Management ....etc
    You may go through the MBA options of the above , if you are not getting a green signal from your mind, I could suggest you can select
    Company Secretaryship Course. This is conducted by Institute of Company Secretaries. Since you are a graduate in Commerce, you will get exemption from the foundation course.
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  • There are certainly a few innovative streams in MBA which would attract you to take up the same for the enhancement of your career prospects. Yo may examine the following courses such as Airport Management, Hospitality Management, Tour and Travel Management, Health Care Management etc.
    All these are promising courses and can offer you stable careers if continued with a top class Bussiness - schools.
    Health care is the primary area where major thrust has been exerted by the government to uplift the standard of the common mass and with the surge of the population, there would be greater need of super hospitals and finest drugs to cure the patients and so doing MBA in this field would be certainly advantageous.
    Air Port Management, too, would be attractive within a short span of time since this seems to be the attractive choice among the middle class and as such there will be greater demand of such professionals.
    You should be choosy at least in the selection of a right institute so that you must prove to a blue eyed boy before the Employers.

  • You do first. After there is many career options are available to you such as teaching, civil services, SSC combine graduate level exam, banking, taxation etc.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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