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    Can I copy my content within my sister sites? Whether Google Adsense will be blocked or not?

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    I have my two blogs on the same google account. I had posted an article that I want to be posted on both the sites. So, I had copied the entire article from my first blog to second blog without any changes. Whether my google adsense account will be blocked? Is it against Adsense policies?
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  • Google adsense only objects when you are copying someone else content and display ads on it. In such case the person from whom you copy the content will file DMCA. And this will make the adsense banned.

    Here in such case, the condition of your article and content is same and within the domain. So you may not have any such penalty to go through. Duplicate content is not an issue when you are the one who own the content.

    Just make sure that you avoid the duplicate content because there are some of the issues with SEO. And for this reason I suggest have a unique content. Though google does not give penalty via SEO but it does the ranking of duplicate content based on it's own algorithm.

  • In short, google not allow the copied content at all and not in few. If you will copy from other site which in the same account of yours, it is also same as other sites. It is completely against google Adsense policy. If you do this when you will apply for Adsense your content will be detect as copied and they will delete the content of yours by without warning or any instructions to you.
    So it is far better to avoid the copy paste at all. Write as your own as much as you can with your innovative ideas.

  • You can create as many blogs with the same content and monetize to the Google account. But the blogging sites must be different, by pasting the same article in two different blog will have more views, because some blogging sites are very popular and if you blog your article in those sites your traffic views will have more effect.
    I have posted the same content in two different blogging sites and monetized to google adsense account. Till today I have not faced any such problem. So I am sure that you can post same article in two different blogging sites.

  • Even thought it is your own blog and trying to publish the same content on both, it is better to avoid it. Google may not ban AdSense but the latter posting blog reputation may lose including SERP.

    As you may be aware, search engine / bot is very smart. Its crawl and result is recorded as the best or correct with the date and time. It is also like, 4+4 = 8 only and will result and show accordingly, and unlike paper logic calculation, 4+4 = 64 or 34 or 4 or 6 and on based on mathmagic.

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