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    Pumps, motors and gearbox in power plants

    Looking out for major differences between pumps, motors and gearbox of power plants? On this Ask Expert page you can get all the answers to your queries.

    What is the working and interconnection between a pump, motor and a gearbox in power plant, say thermal power plant?
    How to identify a pump and a gearbox?
    How does vacuum pump work and how is it different from a normal water pump?
    Detailed explanation is much appreciated!
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  • What is the working and interconnection between a pump, motor and a gearbox in power plant, say thermal power plant? The question is vague. Pump means boiler feed pump (BFP) and It is used to feed the water through economizer into the boiler.The temperature is raised of water before feeding into the boiler.The motors are used to run the pump and gear boxes. Gear boxes are used to reduce the speed (1085 rpm to 42 rpm in planetary gear box used in pulerisers to run the bowl mill to crush the coal in micron like telcom powder).Motor is used to run the planetary gear box in thermal power plant.
    vacuum pump works on the principle "removing air from a closed compartment and creating vacuum and the vacuum is filled with water. The best example is the hand pump working principle.Normal pump suck the water and feed it as out put water jet.

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  • Motors, gear boxes and pumps are major equipments in any industry. A motor is an electrical equipment that can transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. It receives power from terminals which is essentially electrical energy and converts into mechanical energy through it shaft and provide torque to the connected equipment. The connected equipment maybe a gearbox or a pump.

    A gearbox is a mechanical equipment which is either use to multiply or reduce the speed of a connected equipment major applications of gearbox used to reduce the speed. When a prime mover  is connected to shaft is revolving at highest speed but the application say a pump needs a low Speed in such cases a gearbox is used to reduce the speed so as to match the speed requirements. The the speed reduction of a gearbox is indicated by A ratio called gearbox ratio for example 16:9.

    A pump is a mechanical equipment used to drive a fluid like water from a low pressure level the higher pressure level. Pumps are also used to pump the fluid from lower head to higher height or head. The pumps are usually named according to the requirements like boiler feed pump, condensate extraction pump, drum filling pump, auxiliary cooling water pump, stator Water Pump.

    Vacuum pump is a type of pump that is used to extract the hair how to create vacuum in a closed compartment. Vacuum pumps are usually liquid seal Ring type.

    The interconnection between motor gearbox and a pump is that a motor is connected to a gearbox to reduce the speed required for a pump to match its speed requirements . In a power plant a motor and a pump are connected with a scoop mechanism that works like a gearbox and the pump connected is usually a Boiler feed pump.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
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