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    Will google approve my website for adsense?

    Have a query about adsense for website? On this Ask Expert page you will find answers to yuor queries.

    I have written a blog, and that is for affiliate marketing for various websites. Now I bought a custom domain name and mapped my blog to that domain name, so if someone opens my website the contents of my blog will open with that domain name. I have applied for adsense through that custom domain name, I already have adsense account, but was approved through youtube.
    Experts do advice.
    My website url is:
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  • Yes, why not. If your visitor's traffic is better and reach the minimum level of the Adsense, it is acceptable by google. You must make sure that your visitors are unique and cover the minimum statistics per day or per month.
    And go for the Adsense policy to avoid the spams and all other responsbilities.
    Here the link :

  • Google adsense requires following condition for the Asian applications

    1. Website with top level domain registered for 1 year.
    2. Enough content written for during the 1 year span.
    3. No spam or malicious content which is not as per the guidelines. Such as adult content and other illegal content.

    If your website has met this criteria then there should be no issue for the acquiring the adsense account. If in doubt, always ask the question inside the adsense forums.

    You need to make sure that your website has some decent content. And also make sure that your website has some decent visitors in the meantime. This should increases your chances of getting the revenue from your website.

  • I think this question is related to this thread As long as the custom domain fulfill the minimum requirement of Google, they will approve it for Non-hosting AdSense account, or else, you need to improve your latest custom domain blog / website to reach and meet their parameters which includes seniority of the blog, much quality content, reasonable organic traffic, no complain etc.

    You just need to try to be active for that custom domain blog, publish few posts daily or weekly, fill with unique and quality content, promote for backlink without search engine violation, get the traffic and stats to get things done.

  • I have seen your blog and have noticed that there is only a single post you have written there. Google won't accept sites with little text. Adsense need ample of content to index, analyze what is your website about. So work more on the content to get the adsence approval. You may nearly need about a minimum of 15 to 20 posts each with text of about 300 words.

  • Finally I got mail from google that my site got approved to show google ads with some instructions to follow. Thanks google for approving my website for adsense, and thanks to Indiastudychannel users to guide me time to time. Hope I will get valuable advise in future also from experts on Indiastudychannel whenever I need. Thanks to all once again.

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