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    How to improve english vocabulary?

    Searching for methods of improving English vocabulary? Check out this page and get methods to improve vocabulary.

    Now I am studying B.Tech 2nd year. Actually my aim was to crack the CAT exam and get an admission in popular IIM's. But my English communication and vocabulary is very poor.
    Hence this query. Can you provide me guidance to improve vocabulary?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • For general purpose, the more you read newspapers, periodicals and books in English, the more improvement in vocabulary you will witness. At the same time, I personally feel that it is not sufficient to learn only the word or the phrase. We have to earn the usage also.

    So far as preparation for CAT is concerned, there is no specific book for improvement of vocabulary.. The more mock papers you will solve, the more confident you would be.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • As english is the international language you must be aquapointed with it. News paper is the main pillar for you. Read the news paper daily at least one hour and try to understand the actually meaning by the help of dictionary.
    In fact you are a student and it is better for you take to do a home tuition for a english medium student on hischool level.
    If you have a system of yours you need to install a playing translator for amazzing with improvement of english.

  • Once there is true confession from your side, half of the job is done. Please ensure that you do have passion for this language so that the the learning process can be exciting. Here are a few useful techniques which will help you to achieve proficiency in this language.
    1) Try to have a regular copy of Times of India, The Hindustan Times or The Hindus and make it a point to devote to a fixed time say around 45 minutes to the News - items including editorials and in a separate note book jot down the difficult words with an emphasis of its use in a varied ways and of course the same can be located in the dictionary. You have to be consistent in your approach.
    2) Be a regular listener of English - news being telecast in the TV such as BBC or any English Channel. You should listen to abstracts patiently and see how the sentences are being structured. Correct uses of preposition, syntax and common errors are to be rectified with your patient hearing. A consistent approach in this direction will help you.
    3) Involve yourself in a discussion for which a topic has been chosen among your friend - circle. Identify the colleagues proficient in this area and request them to pin point the errors you might be committing by way of discussion. Corrective steps may be taken up accordingly.
    4) You may join a coaching classes of a reputed Institute and their able guidance would help you to improve your English.
    There should not be distortion of your self confidence and at the same time you should be consistent in approach.

  • This is the scenario for many and they slowly coming out from their practical work on English spoken and communication training. So, practice makes men perfect for such a challenges.

    You need to learn basic thing and need to remember to use the correct word / sentence in a right place. Sometime even expert slip on.

    Try to check this basic 'Parts of Speech' link ( and learn it.

  • As your a B-tech student, hope your English writing may be good.
    To improve your vocabulary as the above authors told you can read news papers,but that will improve your reading, but vocabulary will only improve when you speak with a person in English it self or less if your family members are able to communicate with you in English. You can also watch English news regularly for correct pronunciation of certain words. Some two people conversation articles also may help you.

  • Any language has four important sections. Listening, reading, writing and speaking are the important sections of English. To improve Vocabulary these four sections in English has to be understood first that makes a person to begin from scratch to
    a advanced professional level.

    Sources such as College Library where you can find the basic books of English and collections of your English School books would be a great way to start from scratch. Its will take a few weeks to understand the Basic structure of the English.
    There is good time to learn english since you are in the second year of your B.Tech. Borrow small story books from the library and start reading. See whether you are able to understand the meanings of the words given there. Look for the meanings in the Dictionary and understand them. If not ask your friends help who are good in English. Start reading from the small novels to big novels in order to calculate the time you are taking to finish the book.

    Recollect those words that are read from the story book and take a speech from the book and practice in front of the mirror. This is one of the way to improve the communication of speaking English.

    This enhances the Vocabulary. Where and when you have to use those words at what time. Try and achieve this till you are able to speak in front of the mirror without stammering in the English Language.

    Practice Writing stories by thinking and including more Vocabulary from looking into the Dictionary and understanding the meaning of the word used to write the story.

    Try to communicate in English language with your mates, as much as you communicate with more words its improves your speech in English and also gets you out of the fear and shyness. Keep practicing speech and ask your friends to correct your tenses then and there so that you can also learn from them. Participate in the speech competitions to improve your language and remove the stage fear, this gives strength for your group discussions to speak out of the crowd.

    Know your way of speaking by practicing in front of the mirror. keep a recording device to know what you are speaking. Run the speech from the recording device in order to correct the mistakes then and there. Learn from the mistakes and improve the same speech. Try again and again to improve your speed on the same speech. Include more vocabulary and speak in front of the mirror. This will improve your speech.

    These are few ways to improve vocabulary in English. To enhance further in English start reading news papers such as The Hindu or a local English Newspaper available. If you are in the city find from the internet whether there is a 'British Council'. Try to become a member and grab some books in English and read them from the basic. There are lots of books to improve communication.

    Also there is a separate section in the India study channel to improve the English language and Vocabulary that can help you a lot with simple English to complex English.

  • Tips to improve English vocabulary:-
    1) Read more and more novels, magazines, newspapers etc..... More you read, more you come across new words. Go through the dictionary and explore their meanings and their right usage.
    2) Maintain a journal. Words you learn on daily basis should be written in it and revised frequently.
    3) Communicate in English. It is best way to improve your vocabulary. Words which you learn, use them in your daily life and communication is the best way to do so.
    4) Play word puzzles daily. It is effective and interesting way of improving your vocabulary.
    5) Take online exercises and tests which will help you to review your English vocabulary on daily basis.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for A2A
    Here are some methods to improve English Vocabulary .
    1. Read , Read & Read
    2. Learn a word of the day.
    3. Engage in conversations.
    4. Keep a dictionary with you.
    All the best...!!

  • The best way to improve English vocabulary is to think in English, what I mean is try to think and describe your day in English, mentally. The more you get stuck, the more you learn. This will be slow learning process, and help in improving vocabulary related to day to day life. Example- try to mentally think about your day today, what aal you did? or try to describe your native place to someone, describing in depths. :)

    Alternative approach is to learn words and then use it very often. This will require effort as one tends to forget the words not in regular use.

    * Word Power Made Easy can be a great starting point.

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