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    What is surveying, its principles and types?

    Searching for details about Surveying subject? Check out this page for details about surveying and resolve your doubts.

    I want to know about surveying and its principle. I am a 3rd sem student and have no knowledge about the surveying-1 subject. I have no book for this subject. Can you provide me some useful notes about surveying-1? Can you provide some useful questions for the examination?
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  • Principle :

    1. It is the diverse nature of land surveying, which are common to all branches of the subject. These principles have proved over the years to be vital if accurate surveys are to be conducted by the optimizing source.

    2. The most important principle is the provision of an initial framework before observing and fixing the detail of a survey potentiality.

    3. There are perhaps more
    obvious principle is that of
    planning basis.

    4. The final principle is that of safeguarding manner.

    The work is based upon :
    a. Field work
    b. Framework
    c. Plotting

    Some useful books are :
    1. My survey world
    2. Tiny space
    3. Plot me- Bakar
    4. Uses of survee
    5. Kingdom nature

  • Surveying:-
    Surveying is an art which measures distance horizontally between two or more objects to determine their relative positions on earth surface.

    1) Working from whole to the segment.
    2) By using linear or angular measurements it identifies a new object from fixed spot.

    Helpful to prepare various maps like:-
    1) Military map showing road and rail communication.
    2) Topographical map showing rivers, valleys, hills etc.....
    3) Cad-astral map showing boundaries of various properties.
    4) Geological map showing resources under the ground.
    5) Archaeological map showing existence of ancient relics.

    It determines relative positions of various objects on the earth surface.

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