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    Samsung Galaxy J200G mobile phone and its usage

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    On 4th September, 2016 I had purchased a Samsung Galaxy J2 mobile whose model no is J200G. I was using airtel sim card. I had recharged the phone with Rs. 251 (500 MB data pack) and also with another pack separately for talk time only. I had used internet for hardly one hour for 2 days only; after which 500 MB data came down to 2 MB only.

    After this keeping mobile data off, I am unable to use that phone for talking only. Whenever I attempt to talk, it shows, 'the number is not registered'. Thus I cannot get accustomed to use this phone. How to use WhatsApp and other features, is also not very clear to me.

    Even I have not got any detailed literature, while buying this phone. Thus this phone is lying idle with me till date.
    Experts: do provide advice.
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  • I would suggest you to contact Airtel customer care number 198 to check whether your mobile number is having any issue in activation or not. If there is no issue in activation of your mobile number, inform the customer care representative about the number is not registered issue. They should be able to help with this problem.

    Secondly, check your phone settings if any automatic update has been turned on or background refresh is turned on for any app. It may also happen like when you connected your new mobile to internet for the first time some updates would have got installed. So, some amount of data might have got consumed. You may check this as well with the customer care personnel. Try restarting your phone after any settings change.

    Once your problem with data and phone number is sorted, then download your required applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., Accessing or configuring these applications is user friendly and easy as long as you have a valid phone number and email address.


  • The number is not registered, yes same problem I have faced many times, but this is not due to mobile phone but due to network problem.
    Restart your mobile whenever you face such problem. Data consumption depends on the activity you do on internet. Many pictures or videos sent are downloaded automatically leading to consumption of data.
    Go to settings and change it.

    Dr. Sanjeev

  • First author must try restarting the phone as there might be a network issue. Secondly, he must remove the sim card from the slot and insert again in the same slot or another slot. Third insert the sim in any other phone to know whether the sim is activated or not. And finally if still it shows not registered on network then must call Airtel customer care and inquire. I have given this suggestions from my personal experience as I also have the same handset and also faced the same problem but it was solved after restarting the phone.
    To use whats app and to excess the other features of phone first you need to sign in into the Google Play Store app with your google ID. After signing in the play store you can download and install any application you wish to from the google play store. Once signed in your gmail, drive will also get signed in the phone.
    Some recommended social apps are Facebook, Whats app, Twitter, Linked in, Google Plus, Skype.

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