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    What is civil engineering and provide some details about designing.

    Looking out for detailed information about civil engineering? Find answers to all your doubts on this page.

    I have no knowledge about civil engineering. I am a student of civil engineering. I want to gain some knowledge through this site. There are many notes present on this site about the civil work and projects,but I need useful information.Can you provide some useful notes about civil engineering?
    Experts: do assist.
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  • You can browse Article section of this site and you will find plenty of topics related to Civil engineering. You can even see the ask experts section.

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  • Its also one of the four year degree professional course in the Engineering. Civil Engineering is also an Engineering discipline in the professional level. It mainly deals with the Designing, Construction, Maintenance of a House or building either big or small in the form of physical built and also other forms of natural builds such as bridges,dams, canals and also other forms of buildings such as theaters, shopping malls etc.... Also t,he infrastructures like airports, sea ports, energy systems, and drinking water systems of a state and country. Construction of ring roads and bridges are also good example of the civil engineering.

    Civil engineers after graduation becomes a specialist based on the experience and study on the number of technical areas such as Architectural - such as developing blue prints based on the measurements of buildings on the land. Material science and Engineering,Coastal Engineering, Environmental engineering, Structural Engineering, Geo technical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, and also the construction Engineering.
    Civil Engineering leaders such as Larsen and Toubro are good examples of Professional Civil Engineering companies.

    Most of the civil engineering projects such as building flats from the corporate, building individual houses, road contracts, bridges are good projects based on the engineers experience in a company.

  • Civil - engineering is the branch of technology dealing with the specialization of construction of building, roads, bridges, shopping complexes etc. In order to understand the fundamentals of this stream, the aspirants undertake a four year degree course and from the second year and onward, they are taught Basic - surveying, Soil- Mechanics, Tunnel - engineering, Draughtsmanship and strength of Materials etc.
    Each part of the engineering is vital since each subject provides them in depth knowledge of Civil - engineering.
    In case of construction of a building, they initially go to the draughtsman ship where a map is drawn of the entire building and each part of the building such as bed - room, drawing - room and other connected rooms are indicated with a suitable measurement in a specified dimension and the construction starts with this road map. In depth idea of proper mixing of cement with the sand is their specialties and they employ the same very comfortably while constructing a building. Study of soil prior to construction of building is an important aspect for the rigidity of construction.
    While making bridges, roads, air ports and construction of malls, shopping - complexes, they discharge their duties effectively because of their in depth knowledge.

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