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    I want to become a Web Designer but not sure what I should do after 12th

    Aspiring to become a web designer? Confused about what to study after 12th? On this Ask Expert page check out answers to your query.

    I am currently studying in 12th (PCM) and I love to design websites, solve problems and give them life. I started learning this around 6 months ago and have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP & Wordpress, but I am not sure what I should do after 12th. Should I go for IIT-JEE and do B.E.? Or do BCA and then MCA? Or a diploma course in Web Designing. What would be the best option for me to pursue a career in Web Designing?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • You can get into web design career regardless of the type of degree that you do. So you can be commerce and arts graduate and still do the web designing. Only condition in case of the web designing is that you need to learn the following -

    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    4. PHP
    5. Ruby on Rails (or Ruby frameworks)
    6. Python
    7. Java

    This should be learned in the same order. You can also learn the additional skills such as - Photoshop, Corel draw. As these skills do add up. And also make sure you build your portfolio by connecting with clients via freelancing. This helps during the hiring when you apply for the job.

    If you choose to go through learning route, you can finish the degree in one of the following -

    BSC (IT) or Computers
    BE. Computers
    BE. Electronics

    These are the type of degrees that could help you with your educational qualification. So you need to apply for jobs in design and web development positions. This helps build the web development career for you. if you want design specific career, then you have to apply to the companies with that specific design job.

  • I am going to try to do the best for you on your intention. Now a days the I.T. sector service is better of all. Now you are in the end of your 12th with PCM. If your physics and mathematics is better you can ride the I. T sector better.
    In my view you should take admission on diploma by the wing web design. On this continue time you should super on the programming skills and which you have already base knowledge i. e. php, .net, WordPress, html, html5 etc.
    Read the web design magazines.
    In other hand it is far better take a online tutorial on the website:
    And also register at for better on your dream.

  • Its a good interest that you have chosen for a career path and started to work on those from now on. Since the education is only a higher secondary there will be more time you can spend on learning those techniques and learn about the websites designing and their ways of programming through the programming languages related to the websites.
    The interest to solve problems is also one of the good options and practices that you are good at. As far as now considered its good if you concentrate on your high school education and also improving your interests in designing those websites. Going for an IIT-JEE with your interest is one of the best option for your education. You will be able to learn a lot, think creative, answering and solving maths, verbal analytical and also Analytical reasoning that are essential for interviews in the later stage when you are looking for a job even on the campus interviews. The interview rounds are compulsory like Math, Verbal and analytical.

    The professional degrees like B.E along with the interest web designing developed would fetch an excellent package. Then there will be options to think about the higher educations like M.E based on your packages where you wanted to improve and develop as best as you can. Since at this age the talents can be more expandable and quick thinking you can even take part in the competitions of your interest to make a outstanding in your future career.

    B.E is a four year professional degree course and M.E is a two year course where are the B.C.A is a three year course and the Post Graduate M.C.A is a three year degree course. Both have the same number of years except the group B.E and M.E are in the professional category. B.C.A and M.C.A are in the arts group.

    Studying professional degrees would fetch a good package in the leading Information Technology industry. Studying in IIT is one of the best top institutes in the world. You have a lot of things to learn while you can. This will help you to keep your interest and get paid best packages for your interest.

  • Let me give you a carrer path advice with various conditions.

    A) If you have time and money.
    1) Complete your 12th with good marks.
    2) Do B.E in COMPUTER ENGINEERING from reputed college. (It is requires for promotion)
    3) Do a web Designer courses with good placement opportunities. (It is requires to gain knowledge and job opportunities)
    4) Get a job through placement process.

    B) If you dont have time or money.
    1) You can join as a intern in a company for jr web designer and continue your journey.

    I would prefer option A) because its the standard way everyone follow, and even i followed it. Option B) was followed by some friends i know. And we both have same carrer level. And if you gets guts and ready to work hard then you might try for IIT-JEE. Getting admission in IIT is the ultimate carrer path you can get.

    Feel free to ask me questions

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