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    How to know the location of the website

    Wondering how to find details of a specific website? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses to your queries.

    I am a software engineer and would like to know the details of one entire website host. How to find the details of that website sever/location/who's name in whose name it is registered?
    Can you provide step by step process?
    Awaiting response.
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  • Whois information about domain stores a lot of data about the website. It can be used to find the information such as nameserver which tells you where the server is located. Registrar information which tells you who is the owner of the domain name and in turn website. DNS, shows the location where the data center of the website is. Also information such MX records shows the mail server information. IP address of the website and domain in turn shows the site. So such information can be located from the domain tools of the domain registry websites. You can find such information on godaddy, namecheap and other websites.

  • Hi there......!!!
    first you need to know the ip adress of that website
    -for that you need to got to start(in windows of course) and type cmd
    then type ping
    example:- ping
    then you'll get something like "reply from
    copy that ip address then go to your browser and type
    there you just copy paste the ip address you got from cmd
    I hope that is what you wanted :D

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