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    Leave grant for thesis submission

    Wondering if leave can be granted in central government for thesis submission? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I have been appointed in a central government sector while doing Ph.D. I have been relieved from my fellowshi. And joined the service. I want leave for thesis submission and viva. Will I get it? Is their provision for that in central government service?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • While joining have you mentioned that you are doing PhD. Before joining any govt. job if you have applied for a job/ interview you will be given leave and other benefits like relieving you for better job opportunity. Do not worry you take leave and go for viva-voice.

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  • You were required to submit at the time of joining the present position that you have been pursuing PhD. If you have not done this, do it now.

    Study Leave can be granted only after completion of probation period. You can avail Casual Leave (maximum 12 days) or Earned Leave (depends upon your service-30 days per year). If you have joined service recently, you have to take 'Leave Without Pay' (LWP).

    I suggest you to give a detailed application explaining the reason for Earned Leave and LWP. Your leave-granting authority would definitely consider this.

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  • The author has mentioned that the 'appointed while doing Ph.D'. There should be a option to mention that the author is currently studying, if not it can be included that you are studying.
    Mostly there will be leave for these higher education type. Notify them in writing in order to grant a leave and you will return after the thesis submission.

  • You have not indicated the status of your service in the central - government. What I mean to say is whether you are in the probation period or have successfully passed the probation - period.
    If you are under the probation - period under any Public - undertaking of Central - government or an employee of central - Goverment, the maximum casual - leave to be granted would not exceed beyond twelve days. Supposing that entire Casual - leave is granted to you at a time for the submission of thesis, you have to manage the entire year without C.L - a condition which may appear difficult to manage your affair without having any leave.
    The other option is to pass the probation - period satisfactorily and then seek for the study - leave extendible to two years with the permission of the appropriate authority. However, such leaves are treated as Leave Without Pay but you would be enough time to persue and submit Ph.D.

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