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    What are the ethical issue about the new gene editing CRISPR: Cas9 technology?

    Searching for details of CRISPR technology? On this Ask Expert page you will be answers to your queries.

    CRISPR technology which has the potential to change the era of life-science:
    How far is the general production of genetically modified organisms and by using CRISPR technology?
    We are wondering about the upcoming technology which may lead the formation of design baby. What are merits and demerits of this technology? Mainly we want to know about the ethical issue regarding this technology?
    And how far it can lead to the advancement of biology?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • CRISPR = Clustered Regularly Inter-spaced Short Palindromic repeats.
    Some Bacteria follow an ancient mechanism of repeating a DNA sequence over and over with unique sequences in between the repeats; in order to escape the bacterio-phages, as their DNA perfectly matches with CRISPR. Thus the bacteria gets to know the genome sequence of it's attacker and a set of enzymes called Cas put their attackers to death. Hence CRISPR notes down all the enemies that the bacteria has encountered.
    Thus this method is better than other genome cracking methods.

    1. Unwanted mutations.
    2. With an immense development in medicine due to CRISPR, we become pretty much immortal, causing various problems.

    1. This could be used in various other fields too. We could conserve endangered flora and fauna.
    2. Genome cracking will not only find cure for diseases but also may add new features.
    3. Pests and pathogens could be easily eliminated.

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