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    What methods is the best way to germinate lotus seed?

    Wondering how to germinate lotus seeds? Check out this page for solutions to your query.

    I want to grow lotus plant. Which is an aquatic plant which has medicinal use? Moreover it is an ornamental plant, but it is very difficult to germinate it since it can go hibernation. For indoor plantation of this beautiful plant which method is the best for this germination? I want the easiest and fastest methods to germinate it?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • Method to germinate lotus:-
    Seeds of lotus are very thick and have dense coating and thus germination becomes difficult. Thus, you need to do a little scarring on them. Use a metal file to create intense scars on them. Try to create scarring on sides of seeds. Place metal file on table and then rub seeds back and forth by applying enough pressure. This will do the entire trick. Seed has three layers and while creating scar, care should be taken that third layer is exposed but at the same time hygiene should be maintained so that infection does not result. Scarring will help penetration of water resulting in germination.

    Next, you need to disperse seeds in water. Take enough water in a glass, bowl, beaker or any container but make sure that seeds are fully covered. If you have pond then it is still better. Seeds will start swelling. Water gets cloudy and thus you need to change it on daily basis. You have to keep seeds in water until sprouting takes place. Sprouting gets delayed if scarring of seeds is not done.

    Lotus seeds will split open when sprouting takes place. A stem is seen emerging from it. This stem that has popped out contains a leaf that is not fully developed. Stem once grows 2-3 inches will bend in an angle which in further stages will straighten up. Either you can plant your lotus at this stage or wait until roots emerges. From the base of the stem, roots will start emerging.

    You can either sow your seeds in ponds or pots. If you sow them in pots then make sure that you take care of them and show them enough sunlight and keep them in shade for proper growth and once they grow well can later transplant into ponds.

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