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    What is the way to earn some money online ?

    Searching for methods to earn money online? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I love to be at home and work. I just dont want to work under anyone for monthly fixed salary'. I want to be paid equal to my work. I am thinking of working online like freelancing. Is there any ways to make money online? I am ready do work like Search engine evaluation, web research, web development works and data entry.
    Experts: do provide guidance.
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  • It needs time to get established in online earning. The better alternative will be to have a job as employee in a related sector or partner in a related venture first. The experience and reputation from that can be utilised for online entrepreneurship or consultancy or any other services. It can be started as a parallel side business and then after establishing and earning a name you can secure yourself in the online ventures.

    You may take up with ISC webmasters and know whether you can be of service to ISC and its sister sites in a special way other than just member, content writer.

  • @santhosh kumar
    First of all let me tell you that many think earning from home is an easy job but it's in fact not. However, if you are ready to toil enough you will get good rewards. The best advice is to start it part time along with your day job and when the rewards start to let you feel that you can make a living out of it it's all your decision in as much as you want to work under some body or not. You can do one or more of the following:
    1. Write on line articles and earn money. I have earned some real money this way on ISC, hubpages and boddunan. Also, I used to write for and earn from squidoo and bubblews but the sites have ceased to operate as of now.
    2. Do on line tutoring. I have heard people earn up to INR 30000-45000 pm but I have not done it myself.
    3. You can take programming, writing, translation, resume writing projects etc. on freelancing sites. I earned a small amount this way working on freelancer website.
    4. If you are good at creating videos you can create videos, upload on youtube and earn from the ads which are shown with your videos. Some less known Indian artists are earning crores of rupees per month by uploading their mono-acting videos.
    5. You can create a blog and earn huge income from adsense ads and also through affiliate marketing. Seaarch for 'Top Indian Bloggers 2016' through Google and see how much they earn p.m.
    6. You may work as a remote assistant and earn a decent income.
    7. If you are regular web scavenger you may work as a web-researcher for the on line writers.
    There are many more ways to work from home but remember setting your on line job and getting your on line income needs time. Think well before the start and once started don't leave it halfway. The rewards may surprise you.

  • There are plenty of ways to earn money online. Most of the tasks that you do as offline job can be used for online job too. So here are some of the ways.

    1. Freelance writing : Writing content for other websites and the people can make you some money. You need to have a good control over grammar and English language. The pay can be as low as 5$ to 1200$ depending on word count and quality.

    2. Design : If you like designing logo, banner and other graphic elements, then you can be a designer. It can help you make some money. You can find work on 99designs, upwork and freelancer.

    3. Programming : If you are into programming then designing website, making app and writing desktop programs can be an occupation. you have to focus your effort into this type of programming jobs. They can pay decent depending on the complexity.

    4. Data Entry : These jobs include filling information on form, finding data from web and solving captcha. They don't pay much but the earning can be really good. You have to find a decent provider for regular earning.

    These are some of the most common online ways to make money. You just have to spend more time online and make money from it. It takes a lot of time than offline jobs to make money through such ways.

  • If you have soft skills like web designing , web research etc. as have you explained in your queries , I would advise you to register yourself on . There are various projects available as per your skills. You can even do data entry work also. So like this you can earn money online .
    ISC also provides the best way to earn money online. If you spend nearly 3-4 hours a day on ISC and same hours on then no doubt you will start earning 10-15k a month even more than this. So for these all not only enough time requires but a complete dedication is also required .

  • As far as I know the best way to earn money is by blogging. The easiest way to start blogging is to start contributing to website like ISC where you do not need to look after SEO and other issue. You only need to look after the quality content. The money for each article is given and other rewards and Google AdSense can paid be given to you.

    You can even start affiliate marketing for well known e commerce website where if people buy from a link generated from your account for that website, you will be given certain commission on it.

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  • There are innumerable ways to earn money through on line, however you need to have basic skill in your area and need to fine tune your skill such as in the field of coaching and taking up tutorial in any subject in which you are proficient and having the requisite skill can make your job attractive and your job as a online tutor will flourish.
    You may be a freelance writer and your contribution as a capacity of writer would be beneficial for both yourself and for the readers.
    Data entry jobs are also very much in demand and by surfing the Internet, you may get assignments from different companies by filling up some information in the form. If you are consistent in such type jobs and devote two to three hours time regularly, your earnings may be attractive.

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