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    What are the criteria for getting the duplicate of passport?

    Want to issue a duplicate copy of passport? Searching for procedure? Find the exact procedure on this Ask Expert page.

    I lost my passport few months ago during an accident. I don't know the procedure for taking duplicate copy of my passport. Is the procedure for applying for duplicate passport same as the procedure for applying for the new one? What are the documents needed for the reapplication of duplicate passport?
    Awaiting response.
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  • @Anandu
    You have not precisely mentioned whether
    (i) You lost the passport in India or offshore,
    (ii) You have a copy of the lost passport.
    However, if you lost your passport in India
    (i) Report the matter immediately to the nearest police station and Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in your locality.
    (ii) Apply for a re-issue of passport.
    It's not a must to have a copy of the lost passport.
    Apply for the re-issue with the following documents
    A. Current address proof
    B. DOB proof
    C. Annexure-L, which is an affidavit of how and where the passport was lost
    D. The original copy of police report
    E. Copy of first two and last two pages of the lost passport including ECR/ non-ECR page

    (Point 'E' only if you have a copy of the lost passport, if you don't have,no problem)
    Now, if you have lost your passport abroad then you must first report the matter to Indian mission/ post. In case you need to travel back to India for any matter or re-issuance of the passport you need to apply for the 'Emergency Certificate' to Indian mission/ post in the country where you are presently.

  • When you lose the passport in India or abroad here are some of the steps you have to take.

    1. If you have lost the passport abroad then you have to contact the nearby police station within respective country.
    2. You have to contact the embassy and notify for loss of passport.
    3. Get in touch with the embassy officer in the city where you are currently for further help.

    In this case the Indian embassy issues you tatkal passport and escorts you if the residing government doesn't allow stay without passport.

    If you have lost the passport in India then here are some of the things you need to do.

    1. Notify and get the FIR copy from the nearby police station.
    2. Register your case for lost passport in nearby passport seva kendra.
    3. Go to the passport seva kendra website. And choose new passport and select lost passport as reason.
    4. Get the necessary documents and apply for the new passport.
    5. Choose the slot for your new passport appointment.
    6. Attend the passport seva kendra for new passport issue.

    Once you go through the process you get either tatkal (immediate) or the normal processed passport depending on the choice you selected.

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