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    Career guidance related to job switching

    Confused about a career in game development? Looking out for career related guidance in this field? On this Ask Expert page you will get the answers to all your questions.

    I have 2 years of experience in libgdx game developement.
    Currently I am unable to find any suitable jobs in this field.
    If I switch to android app development, will the recruiters treat me as a fresher candidate?
    If I want to continue in this game development field,what knowledge is required to survive in Indian job market?
    What is the future of game development in India?
    Experts: do advice.
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    When any candidate switches from one technology to another, they consider it as a fresher. Even if you do the freelancing in android, if you get placed in company you'd be treated as fresher level, despite your skill set. So switch always makes you start from scratch in new company or position unless you have worked in same skillset for years.

    If you switch to Android then company will then let you start from the junior developer position. Also you have to start from scratch with the base salary.

    If you want to get into game development, then knowledge of C++ for cross platform game development, Java for Android game development, and knowledge of game physics helps (along with maths obviously). It also helps if you know about usability and modular programming. I suggest learning QT C++ if you have some C++ experience. As there is a demand for C++ developer who knows QT library for gaming and apps. Android is another way to go but you have a choice here to either go with app development or game development. If your previous experience is in gaming, you'd get an opportunity in that too.

    There are many jobs being outsourced in india everyday. Game development is one of them. And there is a big future of our own business from india may make use of gamification for apps and other concepts. So there is a huge growth but you need to be at right place and company to make some decent money.

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    Dear Friend, many persons do not have their jobs according to their personal expectation or exact relevance to their qualifications. studied person working in factory or other department but person with no accounts qualification avails a job in a bank. It does not mean that the jobs are not relevant to the qualification. We should prepare for anything but with a goal. In this young age only we can modify ourselves through improving or adding our qualifications. A commerce graduate is expected to work in Tally and computer knowledge, so it does not mean that commerce graduation is a waste one. Initially we should accept the job available to us and further by further we should develop ourselves with that experience. As already you have two years of experience in that field you should not waste that knowledge by switching to entirely new field. Instead my advice is add some more qualifications and make yourself expert in addition to the field where you got experience.

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