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    About lost mark-sheet and its value after receiving another from university

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    I had lost my original mark sheet and I have received a duplicate one from the university. Can I get government jobs on this issued mark sheet. Also I want to know what types of problems I will face in future and what should I do to tackle these problems?
    Awaiting response.
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  • There is no issue with duplicate or triplicate mark sheet. Appropriate authority issue the duplicate or triplicate mark sheet under valid circumstances. Government of India or any State Government validate the duplicate/triplicate mark sheet equally as original one. But if someone found using original mark sheet at one place and duplicate at another place then it is severe offense.After verifying the terms and condition appropriate authority has issued the duplicate mark sheet to you. There is no problem for government jobs.

  • If you had lost,you should publish it in a local newspaper. Then the lost notice should be given to the concerned department to issue the mark sheet.The published notice is a record,which will save you from further query.

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  • If the duplicate marksheet has been issued by the University which had earlier issued the original marksheet, and if the University is approved by UGC, then there is absolutely no problem. If any document-verifying officer would express any doubt in future, you can easily show the certificate issued by the University. That would settle the case.

    Please don't have any doubt. Every year various Universitiesissue many duplicate certificates/marksheets. Government employment is not cancelled on such flimsy ground.

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