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    How to start an organization that is going to work.

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    I want to start an organisation along with few people who got the same intention. This organisation helps poor,backward children to study and get quality education. It also provides enough opportunities to achieve their dreams as well.
    Will this idea work? I need your suggestions.
    Awaiting response.
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  • The idea is good. It needs dedication and commitment. It needs a funding. You may contact government with a project for the fund.
    You can contact HR department of India Government as well as your state government.

  • I think this has a higher chances of working. This may not be just for the poor kids but also for kids from all the financial class. So here are some of the things that may be your focus.

    1. Soft skills
    2. Communication skills.
    3. Group discussion skills.
    4. Public speaking skills.
    5. Body language.

    If your organization if deals with this it can help a large number of students who wants to get employed. There are very few organization that are working on this. And those who are working are mostly expensive. So low cost education would definitely have some success. There are also government schemes on running such organization. You may want to look at the skill based training academy funding from government.

  • I appreciate your thought, definately it will work fine . But to run or start the organization successfully you need to put a lot of efforts. Some of your efforts may not give you any value, but still don't stop it, if your organization is helping many people. To start your organization you need to prepare some initial steps.
    1. You should have a group who is having a thought like you.
    2. Prepare the major factors of your organization like the place and the work for different designations and on what basis you will be appointing them.
    3. Fix the salary for employee's for different designations.
    4. Initial finance facility also.
    5. How to do publicity about your organization
    these are the basic points you should note. I think for publicity social media is the best method. Hope my suggestion may helped you.

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