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    Basic fields of human disease diagnosis

    Interested in developing a medical project for IT domain? Searching for specific fields of diseases where diagnosis can be done with IT? On this Ask Expert page find answers to your query.

    I want some ideas from you experts: I am a software engineering student and have got a project in medical diagnosis. I have to make a software for disease diagnosis by takin input may be in terms of image, sound, rays etc
    For example: someone has made a software that processes retina image to find out a specific disease.
    I can make it for any part of the body for a specific disease.
    Can you tell me what parts can be considered in diagnosis
    like heart, brain, eye .. may be bones where IT can be applied?
    What in neurology?
    Awaiting response.
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  • Your project sounds very interesting. Being from the field of Molecular diagnostics, I am actually thinking about IT application in it.
    Well, you have mentioned about image, but will it be like X- ray machines? I mean, the internal photography can only helps in diagnosis.
    We use some computer based software for diagnosis like software for capillary electrophoresis, Gene Mapper software, etc. But these works for reading analysis and report generation, not directly and solely for diagnosis.

    Your can still consider Eye retina, Heart beat, Heart rate, breathing sound, etc which are external physical attributes associated with one or another diseases.


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