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    Micro forming metallic glasses

    Please give me some information about micro-forming metallic glasses.What do you about micro-forming metallic glasses?

    This is Shabhee Ahmed doing my masters studies and I need an information about metallic glasses, micro-forming metallic glasses, could any help me please? It would be very helpful for my intermediate project.
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  • Metallic glasses(MGs) are a fascinating class of metallic alloys with an isotropic amorphous structure. This structure is rapidly quenched from liquid melts.Metallic glasses are also considered as ideal materials for miniature fabrication because of their excellent thermoplastic forming ability in the super cooled liquid region.These can be prepared by a highly efficient and precise fabrication method.These shows Pd-based MG micro grooves which are very essential for microdluidic devices.MG micro grooves have superior dimensional accuracy. Which is excellent corrosion resistance of MGs compared with silicon

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