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    How to keep childerns away from mobile phones

    I have two kids. My kids play with mobile phones and watch cartoons all the time. How to keep my children engaged during their holidays?

    My kids one is 7yrs and other one is 4yrs, whenever they get free time they are playing with mobile phones and seeing cartoons in TV, I regularly take them to play ground even though time spending with mobile phones is increasing. What are the best tips to keep them engage in home during holidays
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  • It is we the elders who initiated and familiarised children to the mobile phones and smartphones. Many parents first give children the smartphones or mobile phones and show them various games, let them hear music, show them photos and show them how to take photos. Children first do not show interest in them, but parents repeatedly push them towards these . Parents also make them sit with these phones and ask them play games in them to escape from the children troubling them. Thus children get habituated and they find more and more attraction in them when they became experts in them.
    Then, when at last they are addicted to it we blame them.

    Elders also should avoid sitting addicted to mobile phone and use them only for basic communications. There should be more face to face communication and personal interaction at home involving children also. Children should be familiarised with the inside home world and outside world and make them understand(by own actions and behaviour) that all are required in moderation.
    First elders should set example by own action and behaviour. There should not be any difference between word and deed. Rule should be uniform for both children and adults. Transparent. That will solve most issues.

  • Here's what we are doing and so far it is working.

    1. Wifi password is limited to few devices.
    2. Wifi password is known to few people.
    3. There is different phone lock combination every week on the phone.
    4. Apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other chat apps are removed.

    Apart from this the timing for sitting on desktop and laptop are limited for 1 hour. This has helped keeping their focus away from the internet and other video games. The amount of strict rules helps increase the focus to be moved onto study and outdoor play. You need to be however pretty much strict about things around.

    It all starts from you. You have to discipline your habit in front of them. And you have to adjust your internet timing properly. This helps things to be managed properly with kids as well. Make a start be strict on some of the rules.

  • Children imitate the elders and as any preaching which we don't follow ourselves is not going to help the kids to make distances from Smart - phone, Lap - tops, Desk - tops etc. Since the age of your kids are 7 years and 4 years respectively. So, they are purely innocent and there would be a favourable impact of your teaching provided the same is implemented from your end.
    By changing the passwords of your working devices may not offer you a permanent solution since at later stage, they may trace out the original password.
    Be frank to your kids and apprise them of your necessities if you are yourselves engaged for prolonged activities in order to fulfil the targets of the office. Of course, such realisation would come after an interval of five years within your elder kid and your next kid would require a little more time to appreciate your necessity. You need to explain the entire events with some logical explanations to mend their ways.
    At all the stages, you would be watched by your kids and hence be careful that there is no deviation from your words and actions.

  • As you have mentioned that your children are 07 years and 04 years old only. Children of this age group can not be attracted and addicted towards mobile phone and other electronic gadget of their own. We parents are responsible for this addiction. Children in very young age follow their parents. They observe their parents very keenly and try to do the same thing what we are doing.
    We are living in nuclear family pattern, where mother and father has to take all the responsibility and duties of their kids. Earlier their was a joint family system. In those days young children were engaged with grandparents most of the time. It was very advantageous for young children to live with grandparents. Culture of the family and society was inherited in the new generation very smoothly. There was no need to engage the young children with electronic gadgets. Since we are living a nuclear family life, we can not devote more time with our children. Hence we are giving mobile phones and electronic gadget to our children to engage them and get some free time to perform other activities.
    It is totally wrong to give electronic gadget to our young children in age of 07 and 04 years. It is very easy to get addicted with electronic gadget but very difficult to get rid of this problem. Here after you both the parents spend more time with your children. play with them. Purchase some story books suitable for the age of your children. Story books are available in the market for different age group with good morale.

  • The problem you mentioned in very common now days and as per my observation, the real cause is busy time schedule of parents and our life style.
    Parents are not available for their kids, to play with them, to share their daily stories, etc.
    Following may help you-
    1. Bring some creative toys for them which will include their brains.
    2. Try to give them more time and share their school stories.
    3. Avoid using mobile in front of them apart from calling.
    4. You can also provide good story books with colorful pictures as colorful pictures will attract them to read.
    5. Get them involve in outdoor activities and can start their hobby classes for dancing, skating, Painting or any other out door game. This will keep them busy mentally as well as physically and they will not get time for mobile related activities.


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  • A very good question asked by the author. Most of the parents are facing it. Mobile phone should not be an addiction to children. Children are the future of our country. If your child is very much addicted to mobile phones, always tell them the draw backs of using mobile phone by children. Just open in the net and show them about the health problems children are facing by using mobile phones. Bring some brain twisting games and tell them to play in it. As far as possible you also don't use cell phones in front of them so that they remember the cell phone.

  • It is nice to know that you are concerned about mobile phone use by children. By the use of mobile phones, childrens are becoming couch potatoes. Apart from obesity and depression there are a number of disorders caused among the children by the use of mobile phones.
    First of all you should provide better and healthier alternatives to children and make them interested in them. You should promote their playing of outdoor games. Educating them about health benefits of sports will be a good step. Taking them to wildlife sanctuaries and Zoo are a good option. You can not see a drastic change at once but with passage of time you will definitely witness a significant change.

  • The kids have learned to use a mobile phone from their parents and at first they will find it interesting with it and in no time they will be addicted to it as the elders too were addicted to the smart phones, then why not the children. The thing I can suggest is the diversion of their mind to the realist fun world instead of the virtual mobile phone world.
    The fist thing to be done is, reduce your usage of mobile in front of them. Gradually remove the phone completely from their attention.
    The kids like the cartoons because they like the colorful world. The alternatives for this is the comic books, painting, and creative toys like building blocks, puzzle games etc. Give them some interesting and educative tasks to do with them. Find their interests or hobbies which they like more than the TV and mobile games. Take them to the places like museum, zoo and some other recreational activities.

  • Well it's impossible to keep children away from electronic gadgets. One thing, we need to ensure that they are watching educational videos and playing value worthy games. At this age, they observe the things so we need to ensure they absorb good things.

    There are few hard but possible ways to keep children away from these gadgets

    1. Fix their timing for using these electronic gadgets

    2. Fix your timings also, for using these gadgets as children are following what parents do in front of them.

    3. Fix their timings for outside activities, outdoor games.

    4. Give them your time; otherwise they will arrange the time by using these gadgets.

    5. Make them occupied always, this we can do up to certain age only, after they will not enjoy your company.

    These ways can help us

  • Children are fond of toys or toy like devices. Mobile phone that way is a very advanced toy for a child and once he gets it he will not be returning it so easily.
    So strictly speaking they should not have access to these devices up to a certain age. After that they should be given but for limited use. Password and other security features come handy in such times.
    If the children are told the constructive use of these devices rather than playing addictive games then they will not be glued to them.
    There is an age at which a gadget is given to a child.
    I remember when I passed my high school examination my father gave me a wrist watch and the thrill of that new watch is still present in my mind.
    So as parents it is our prime duty to see that children are not misusing these costly modern gadgets.
    Eventually a time will come when it will be required by them for useful purposes and not like a toy.
    At that opportune junction they should be given access.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Keeping a discipline on children for access to mobile phone is very essential otherwise they will be wasting their time in it and it is rightly said that they will be addicted to this.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • It is very important to mould and control the tender minds of our children. I was facing the same issue. Staying in a joint family, I was always occupied with either house-hold work or office work. To keep my child engaged and not disturb me, I introduced her to TV and Mobile phone particularly YouTube. Eventually I realized, for me to keep her engaged in eating or any other activity, she would not do anything easily without accessing my phone. Even while sleeping in her cot, she needed a mobile phone. It was my mistake, not to blame my little one. So I slowly and steadily started deviating her with other activities like colours and books with various colourful pictures.
    I would sit and colour with her, play games with her, recite poems with actions, take her to the garden, enrolled her for a toddler class where she would learn interaction and communication with other kids and so on.
    I kept her busy in other activities all the time and eventually accessing mobile phone was only restricted to sleeping time. I also started bed time stories and it worked too.
    I am sharing this experience for you to be able to make the right decision for your children because it took a lot of time for my little one to overcome her addiction.
    Even staying physically staying active is important. Most of the clubs offer summer coaching. Identify what is your child's interest and encourage them to move ahead in that field.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • As other friends in this forum have already highlighted in order to keep child away from gadgets like mobiles, laptops and TV we as parents and guardians need to be more disciplined and be careful not to use gadgets in presence of child unless it is very urgent and also spend some quality time with our kids so that they do not feel lonely and make gadgets as their friends. We should even encourage the child to spend their time in outdoor games and physical activities. A communicative atmosphere should prevail in a family so that child does not feel the need to spend the time with gadgets.
    But does taking precaution within the family and boundary of home alone serves the purpose? I think it is not so because as the child grows up and starts having friends outside and goes to school he or she is also exposed to outer world environment which can be completely different from home. A child who is restricted to use gadgets at home when in company of their friends may see that their friends are freely using gadgets like mobiles and tablets to do different things like surfing internet, watching online videos, playing games etc as their parents have not placed any such restrictions on them. Truth is that majority of the parents nowadays do not mind their kids playing with gadgets as kids remain engaged and they do not trouble their parents to play with them or talk to them and parents can do their work peacefully. So such a child now becomes odd one out and he will definitely come back home and question parents as to why he is kept away from gadgets when all their friends are allowed to use them and their parents do not restrict them. So here child starts developing thinking that why only their parents are placing restrictions on them and why do other parents do not care about it. This also brings a feeling in them that their parent are bad to them. Remember children go by psychology that whatever majority does is right.
    So here there is a challenge for parents to very patiently sit with the child and explain him/her harmful effects of using gadgets on mental and physical level and convince them that we as parents care for them and that is the reason they are allowed to use gadgets to minimum extent. We have to convince them that we as parents are different from the crowd and are ready to spend time with them and answer their questions, play with them so that they do not get into this harmful habit. We do not have control over outside world but as parents we need to cultivate thinking into our kids which makes them realise that gadgets are really harmful in long run and their parents are best among all as they have not allowed this habit to get into them.
    On the other side of this as caution I would like to mention that in the quest of preventing child from using the gadgets let us not cut them off totally from them in the way that they stay in ignorance about them. We in current age of computers and technology we have to go with the trend and see that our children get limited exposure to them so that they get knowledge as to how they work and what are the useful things that can be done using them. Excess of everything is bad so we should strike a balance between the two approaches.

  • I understand, how hard it is to make children to stay away from TV and mobile phones. Hope my article on the same, will help you to some extent.

    Sri Vetri
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  • Here are some tips that can help you keep your children away from smartphones :
    1. Talk to your children : Talk to your children and let them know the harmful effects of overuse of smartphones by way of videos or way of charts available on internet including youtube.
    2. Do soul searching : Do not use smartphone in front of your children. There are number of parents who spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Usually, kids follow their parent's footsteps. Restrict usage of your phones when you are home with your kids.
    3. Set passwords : Set a password on your smartphone so that your child cannot use while you are away.
    4. Take them to near park for playing.
    5. Bond with your child : It is important to have family bonding activities with children . Engaging your child along with you in activities such as gardening and cooking will keep your children away from smartphones.

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