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    Does Endura Mass (weight gainer) affects menstruation cycle

    Wondering if Endura Mass weight gainer affects the menstruation cycle? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am using Endura Mass(weight gainer) since 2 months. I do not get menstruation after using it. Is it be harmful for the body? Can I use it or should I stop taking that powder? Does this weight gainer affect the health?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • Endura Mass is an Ayurveda product containing 15 percent fat and the rest mass contains Carbohydrate containing excess amount of sugar containing syrupy corn and if there is any surge of body - weight, it is only because of the presence of abnormal - sugar. Continuous use of this product beyond six months may make you sick by contracting Diabetes.
    Yes, there have been reports of stoppage of menstruation because of usage of the product. Estrogen hormone existing in the body of women is responsible for the smooth flow of menstruation and this product affects the balance of this hormone causing the stoppage of menstruation.
    Regarding your question whether this is harmful to your body, the answer is yes. On prolonged usage of the same, you may contract Diabetes, Low bone density, Hormonal - dis balance causing excess hair growth on your face thereby necessitating the removal of the unwanted hairs, depression etc.
    You must stop the same and have an advice from your health - specialist in order to know other side - effects.
    Though you may register a few kilos because of its consumption, there will be overhaul deterioration in other parameters.

  • Please mention your age and weight. The product which you have mentioned is for those whose are under weight for their age. According to me these supplementary products as weight gainer or losing products don't work. Please take natural fruits, dry fruits daily. This will surely help you in increasing weight and is also healthy for your body. According to me its better you discontinue and start consuming natural fruits. But before that consult your family doctor regarding menstruation periods.

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