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    Can a non vegetarian and a married person get moksha? ?

    What are the essential factors to achieve moksha? Are there any specific conditions which are mandatory to follow to achieve moksha.

    I heard about moksha and liberation many times.Its said that is a situation where we free
    from birth after death. What I want to know is whether a non vegetarian and a married person can
    get liberation or not? Or is that compulsory that we should not marry or be vegetarian?
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  • Moksha is one of the four pillars of life in Hindu religion. They are described as- Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. We have to have proper balance among all four. Dharma is living rightfully and having devotion to God. Artha is earning sufficient money rightfully to live respectfully. Kama is to reproduce the offspring and support Nature in maintaining His creation. Moksha is to liberate ourselves from the cycle of birth and death and reunite with the source that is creator Himself.
    Since God has created both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, hence He cannot discriminate any community based on their food habits. Both category are required for the balance of eco system and any disproportion will harm Nature itself. In Hindu religion different sects follow different food habits and all are theist and believer of God. Now Moksha cannot be denied to a non-vegetarian as it is as per the desire of God only. Many non-vegetarians are well appreciated by God in various Hindu mythology. One of the example is Jatayu the vulture who tried to save Sita from Ravana.
    As far as marriage is concerned, again it is the requirement of nature to sustain its own creation, otherwise His creation will itself stagnate and end in due course of time. Again examples of Maharaja Janak is handy here. He was called Rajarshi in spite of being married.
    Therefore, in my view, neither non vegetarian food habit nor marriage can be hurdle in the path of Moksha.

  • Moksha is the state of salvation from all the worldly desires and after death what will be status of the soul is difficult to ascertain. According to Hindu - mythology, there are four important parameters to be followed to get salvation from the worldly worries such as Dharma, Artha, Kam and Moksha. By indulging in the three former activities, one aspires to achieve the last stage - the status of Moksha.
    As is evident from our Dharma - sastras, the heart must be pure to get salvation and it has nothing to do with your style of food or the status of companionship. So don't worry you are entitled to get Moksha because of your noble work already carried out in this universe. Giving up the worldly desires is also the way to get Moksha.
    So your query that there would be any hurdle for your food - style or being married would come as obstacle in the way of Moksha is baseless. Stick to noble work to get Moksha.

  • Different perception towards the rebirth cycle works makes you think different.

    The ways some of the Hindu Purana are twisted by new authors and spiritual leaders makes you believe that one has to be vegetarian or remain unmarried to get moksha.

    However if you read the Vedas translation from some of the reputed persona. You'd find that a person don't get moksha only if he has some karma to be paid back in this world. For example if you have any specific unfulfilled wish then you'd get birth again. This is one reason married person is more likely to get moksha because unmarried person has not fulfilled his duties such as living married life, duties towards spouse and kids. And for this reason often unmarried people are known to get another life to do their duty.

    As for being vegetarian means being devoid of eating pleasures of meat and other materialistic needs. By ignoring pleasure one can't achieve moksha.

    Moksha happens when all your materialistic wishes are fulfilled this includes love towards kids, spouse, duties towards old age parents, siblings etc.

  • As the subject of Moksha is one that can have much wider perspective, and I am not that much knowledgeable to touch upon the matter in that dimension, I would answer this just restricting myself to the title question.
    Can a non vegetarian and a married person get moksha? ?: The straight answer is 'YES".
    Moksha is concerned of soul. Soul is same in every human being. It does not have any differentiation as or by way we make differences among us . A soul takes birth in a particular form-whether human or other living thing- is as per its 'Karamaphalam'- residual results of its actions in the previous birth. A soul gets liberated when it does not have to suffer by taking further births because there remains no action or karma which deserves further undergoing of suffering.

    For the convenience and choice to attain Moksha, there are different paths prescribed. One can go through the stages of family life and performing all prescribed dharma karmas and then takes up renunciation to the final stage. After the stage of learning-that is dharma shastra learning, one can continue to be an unmarried brahmachari doing the prescribed Dharma karmas and prepare for final stage. Hence Moksha does not differentiate between married and unmarried. Food is not a parameter to get Moksha. Food has influence over one's senses and actions. Some such can be roadblocks to one's path for Moksha, as they may cater to one's pleasures and may be difficult to renounce easily.

    Hindu texts and legends have any number of examples of even hunters, cannibals , thieves and dacoits attaining Moksha whereas those who do Tapas for years did not get that. Similarly there are examples of those who got Moksha at the stage childhood or youth.

  • What I want to know is whether a non vegetarian and a married person can get liberation or not? Or is that compulsory that we should not marry or be vegetarian? Ans-There is nothing like that these are the false perception. marrige and food nothing to do moksha. Moksha will be attain by those whose karma (works) are pure,sincere, self sacrifice,do dan and charity.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • According to spiritual science the atma (soul) is getting fall into the cycle of birth and death according to its karmic balance. If the karma of good is more there is a birth to enjoy the benefits; if the karma of bad nature is more, there is a birth to face the punishment/suffering. For this there should be a level of 'sthithaprakgnan' that is balanced level and as the present human birth is one among but the topmost one out of the total 84 lakh births in this universe and more over in this human birth only we can realize. We,in this birth, should realize ourselves first as it is the way to God realization. In this birth if we do become a non-vegetarian, we are just accumulating our sins further and further. Marriage is also,if we think seriously, a gift to one in the human birth. We see many people lives unmarried though well settled in their life.

  • Every body has heard about moksha but nobody knows about it, or any person after death has never come and told about it. So believe that all these religious thinking is all after death which we will never know and even in purna's it is just an assumption. So you can have moksha when your alive itself by believing god, living simple, helping the needful, by not killing dum animals who express their pain but we will never understand, by thinking positive about others. Moksha has nothing got to do with marriage because getting married is also a part of human life cycle.
    According to me you can feel moksha here itself for that we need not wait so long.

  • There is NO relationship between attaining 'Moksha' and taking vegetarian food and getting married. In ancient times, most of the 'Rishis'or 'Munis' used to take non-vegetarian food. Some of them were also married (example: Rishi Gautama whose wife was Ahalya, or the Blind Muni who cursed King Dasaratha-both examples are from the Ramayana).
    The concept of vegetarian food and celibacy and linking these with 'Moksha' came much later due to the influence of Jainism and Buddhism. The Vedas or the Upanishads didn't have this concept of linking 'Moksha' with vegetarianism or celibacy.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Yes, any person who perform his/her duty pefectly can achieve moksha. No matter he/she is a non- vegetarian or married person. In ancient times, most of the 'Rishi's or 'Muni's used to take non-vegetarian food. Some of them were also married (example: Rishi Basistha whose wife was Arundhati or the Atri Muni whose wife was Anusua). Rishi Basistha was the kulguru of the Raghubansha and the mata Anusua was the mother of three gods, the Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Three gods have three goddess, Saraswati/Sabitri, Laxmi and Parvati.
    There is a popular proverb " Work is worship".

  • Moksha can be achieved by the way of living. We should live a natural life. Being married or Being non vegetarian person is not against the rules of nature. As Mr. Alok has explained the four pillars of Hindu Religion i.e. Dharma, Arth, Kam and Moksha. As per Hindu belief Married person can perform the Dharma rightly. Being vegetarian or non vegetarian is no way a hurdle to attain Moksha. It is the requirement of the nature to have balance on earth. All the four pillars of Hindu religion has to be followed in same sequence. If first three stages are not performed in right way. Moksha will not be attained.

    There is famous proverb-Work is Worship. A person should perform his duty honestly, whether he is at home or office. A person should maintain good relation with others.Do not think about the vegetarian and non vegetarian sects of society. Follow the stages of life in sequence.

  • The idea behind Moksha is that if an individual completes his life journey in a disciplined and devoted way without harming the fellow humans and without neglecting his assigned duties - he deserves Moksha.
    Moksha is a concept to compel and advise people to act in a proper and cultured way to acheive it.
    Some people consider it as Nirvana - that is you have archived a state of bliss the complete enlightenment.
    Religion is only a vehicle for a fruitful and dutiful life journey for attaining Moksha.

    Knowledge is power.

  • What is moksha? Has anybody experienced it? It is simply an assumption. Human society developed such an idea in order to divert themselves from doing wrongs throughout in the life. If marriage cannot be done how the generations will continue to exist here on earth. Hence it is silly to talk about moksha or such things.


  • There is no any hard and fast rule to attain Moksha the supreme state of soul where a soul become free from the soul of death and birth. Our Sanatan religion is not so narrow that you will have to live according to some fixed rules and regulations. Even if you are a non vegetarian you can attain Moksha.

    Our religious books contain numerous stories of person who were very brutal and inhumane but later on they became very great saint and scholar and attained Moksha. One example of such person is Maharshi Valmiki, who wrote the Ramayana. He was once a robber who killed and robbed many person but later on he got enlightened, he left all the sinful activities and paid his full attention to the almighty. We are son of god and every father gives a chance to his son to rectify his mistake.

    If you want to attain Moksha then you will have to give up your bad habits like eating non veg. Non veg are not healthy food items. They causes various types of changes in our body and make our body home to many diseases. In our religious book it has been written that a deer who eats grass is killed by a lion then think what will happen to those who eat other animals. We have no right to take the life of other living organism. They have also a family, they have also feelings. They also have right to live on this earth. It's our sole mistake that we have thought ourselves as the king of this earth.

    Some people can even raise questions on existence of heaven, god and Moksha. According to them there is no evidence of God, so they do not want to believe. Those people have no answer to these questions that who made this earth. Why everything in nature is so perfect? Why there has been so much diversities in nature? Why we have ample amount of air and water which are very basic need of survival for any living organism.
    People will try to answer these question on the basis of scientific explanation but these are also assumptions and no scientist can prove it with evidence.

    So, believe in that almighty, have faith in him. Leave all sinful activities. Spend some time to thank God for this beautiful life and for your loving family and friends. You can certainly attain Moksha.

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