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    Can an ex-President join/re-join politics in India?

    Have a query about eligibility of joining politics in India? Wondering if an ex President can rejoin politics? Find responses from experts on this page.

    In India, most of the Presidents come from political field (most-not all). Not only that, they become President when they reach above 70. After completion of their tenure as President, most of them enjoy peaceful retired life (only Abdul Kalam remained active in academic field even after retirement).
    I am interested to know whether an ex-President of India can join/re-join politics? Is their any bar in Constitution of India in this regard? Or is it only a matter of convention that the ex-Presidents remain aloof from politics (after their President-ship)?
    Experts may kindly give pertinent answer.
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  • In India we conventionally do not allow the same person to be a president again.
    Only Rajendra Prasad was elected twice as a president because he was the first President of Independent India. And the minimum age for Presidency is 35 years.
    Presidents mostly come from a Defense background and he must have been a member of Lok Sabha.

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  • Mr. Adiya Mohan: Please read the question carefully before answering.

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  • Post of President is the top most post in the country. Former Presidents are hence treated with dignity and decorum. They are given very high level in the protocol of respect and reception. Former President is always a state guest and has to be treated with all dignity and respect and all due courtesies to be offered. As President of India is also he Supreme Commander of the armed forces, even after demitting office, that person needs to be given due dignity just immediately after the incumbent Supreme commander , President of India at that time.
    Many times former Presidents' guidance and experience wisdom are taken by the President's office on matters of importance.

    Hence if a former President takes up active politics it will cause conflicts in protocol and dignity. It is for that reason that former Presidents are given a high pedestal and their care taken by the government.

    Moreover can there be any achievement and position after a person has decorated the highest office? The right contribution will be the dissemination of his wisdom and experience to safeguard the constitution and country at times of need, if arises.

  • The post of the President is regarded as a dignified post and he enjoys respect from the different circles because of this status. Looking back at the past of our Indian - history, we could witness Dr. Rajendra Prasad being elected twice for the Presidentship and none could match him in terms of tenure.
    Though there is no written protocol that the Ex - president cannot join politics but it has been seen that they did not involve the politics in order to maintain the sanctity of the post enjoyed by them.
    Except Dr. Abdul Kalam, all enjoyed peaceful retirement - life. Dr Kalam remained the pioneer to the student - folks encouraging them to attain highest proficiency in their academics.

  • Post of the President is ceremonial post in India and President is regarded as first citizen of India. After enjoying glorious post of President of India, who will join active politics? Till so far none of the Ex President of India has joined active politics.

    Of course our Indian constitution does not stop any Ex President to join active politics or service. Only Ex President APJ Abdul Kalam had joined Madras university as a Professor and as a professor he was doing social service. Since Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the pioneer of students, he worked for them till death. By doing social service he did not harm the glory of the post of President of India.

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