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    How to make my SD card detectable?

    Having a problem detecting SD card in Micromax phone? Here, on this page you can check out solutions to your problem.

    I have a android phone of Micro-max. It was working fine but all of a sudden my SD card stopped detecting in my phone. I formatted it thinking it might have virus and then also the same problem occurred. Whenever I switch off and on the cell phone the SD card will be detected for few hours then again it will not be detected. I tried most of the net solutions and also updated my phone. Could any body suggest me regarding this, because my SD card is fine and detecting in systems also and even when I showed my cell phone to service center they also could not detect the problem?
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    Your SD card might have been corrupted after a long use. In this case, firstly you should try to complete format your SD card through PC. While formatting, there is two options i.e. Quick format and Complete format. Just do complete format and check whether your SD card is functioning properly or not. If the problem is not solved again, then you will have to visit your nearby service center of that particular SD card.
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    Try connecting your SD card to the card holder. And then connect the same with the PC. This should give you some idea if the SD card is damaged or corrupted. You can also find out if the SD card holder has any interface issue. If it's just your phone that does not detect the card but other devices does. Then it could be problem with your android phone. Most of the android phones often have the conflict issue with the SD Card.

    If it's SD card that is being not detected then you have to either ask for replacement. Or find a device that can format the SD card. This way you can easily figure out what to do with the card in either case.

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    It is strange to hear that service center could not detect the problem. Detecting the problem is very easy job and solving the problem may be critical at local service center level. Problem is either with android phone or with SD card.

    You can detect the problem by hit and trail method. Connect your SD card with another android phone. If still problem exist, then SD card is unserviceable. Connect a serviceable SD card with your android phone. If your cell phone is not detecting this SD card also, means there is problem with your phone. Hand over your cell phone to authorized service center.

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    1)Remove your SD card from your mobile and again place your memory card into the slot.
    2) Check if any brown colored chip have been damaged or not that can be issue.
    3) Check with other mobile phones or other mobile phones of the same model.

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