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    After liberation if we reach higher planets is there a chance of coming back again?

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    Its said that some people with good karma can attain liberation and there are many lokas or higher planetary system where they can reach in next birth.
    So if someone reach there is there a chance of getting back to earth again? Will he take the human form again or will he permanently remain there?
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  • As per the scholars who have learned from the vedas and other texts. Moksha means you are free from all the desires, attachment, needs and other earth connection. This includes the human or any form with the soul. Soul gets the human form as the last living being form. And there is no other form for the soul after that. If the person gets rebirth that means he or she has some duties, attachment and other things to fulfill.

    If the soul gets moksha means it is said to be merged in the universe. And it has no intention of going back in the flow of life. There is no coming back. There are no written records of any soul coming back after the moksha. As per some text only the divine souls which were blessed by gods managed to have rebirth with the gods in another life.

    So in short, any soul that gets moksha remains permanently into the peaceful part of the universe.

  • Moksha is the stage of relinquishing all the worldly desires and such attainment is possible with the inner satisfaction of the departed soul but any desire not fulfilled in his life - time may prompt the unsatisfied soul to come back in the area where he used to leave, but such yoni is called Pret - yoni. This may happen only when his desires have not been fulfilled for the some reason or the other.
    However, in our Hindu - shastras, there are provisions for pacifications of such souls by reciting mantras and offering homage to such souls and it is said such rituals can offer the disgruntled soul a scope for Moksha.
    The departed soul may appear in the form of human - being if his desires were not met and his past deeds are evaluated by the Almighty before he is being awarded a fresh human - life. So, the nature of reward would varry from soul to soul depending upon his past karma. There is always appraisal of his karmas prior to awarding him any birth.
    However, a satisfied soul, having attained Moksha would mingle with the universe permanently and there is remote possibility of his rebirth.

  • Every living being's ultimate goal is attaining moksha which is merely not possible for everyone. A high dedication and determination is required to real the desire. There are many stages of life. Each stage provides us an opportunity to learn something to make this life meaningful. Only thing needed is using the opportunity that comes.

    Some people uses that opportunity in various stages such as childhood, married life etc.,

    Once you reach the stage of ultimate moksha, you never feel like going back into any form. You feel like air which is formless, but presence of existence.

    Many saints, siddhas are in this form and are still alive. They may not be seen with our naked eyes, but can feel their presence if you try hard. This form is ultimate power to achieve your kind thoughts and put them for world development.

  • According to the Bhagabat gita,vedas, upanishads and purans moksha means nirbana or mukti. When anyone gets moksha he/she will not comeback again to earth. Their soul is merged with super natural power(God).
    It is according to their karma(work) that is good work or bad work. A person gets rebirth when they have duties, wishes, needs, attachments or any earth connection. Bad work do rebirth to any animal, bird, worms or other creatures except human beings.
    Anything happens in the universe is according to wishes of God.

  • For me, all these things seems to be a fantasy. The living ones were unable to trace the life of the dead ones. The dead ones can't say what happened to them because they were inexistent. If there is a rebirth every living thing in the present days should have some past life, but none had no knowledge over their past life. Then what for the rebirth if we can't remember the past life.
    We live in the modern world of practicalities and we think about the present things. No matter what happens to us after we leave our body. We pay for what ever good or bad we have done in the present life itself.

  • Liberation from rebirth cycle is also called moksha or vimoksha. It is also termed as mukti or vimukti. As per hinduism it refers to freedom from samsara i.e. freedom from cycle of death and rebirth. Attaining moksha is the highest goal of Hindu. In Hinduism there are four goals of life- Dharma, Artha Kama and Moksha.These four goals are collectively called Purushartha.

    Going to another planet means achieving Moksha. If a person gets Moksha, means he will never come back to earth. He is liberated from death and rebirth cycle. Moksha is the prize given by lord Brahma after performing the three goals of life i.e. Dharma, Artha and Kama in a satisfactory manner.

  • Liberation means Moksha which is united the soul with the universe or parabrahman. If one is in that state one see everywhere oneness only, hence there is no other planetary lokas. But the one who is still not in Moksha stage but doing karmas with intention then that person may go to other lokas according to their karmaas, its as like as Newton"s law i.e. every action has a reaction.
    Some people may say those are fantacy stories because we can't see what happend after our death. Here I would like to explain that we directly can not prove any scientifical things but belive in that because of belief in those scientists. Can we say it fantacy because we could not prove or believe on that? This same farmula apply for this also, we may not see those lokas with this body because those are not seen by naked eye but the rishis, we can say them as scientists in this field, can see that give us information, so that simply we should believe. If want to see we can see easily but we should live like a rishi which is so difficult to the modern man.
    We should get back to earth after some period from those so called lokaas. There may not be chances to be a human.

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