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    Can I use Zole for curing itching?

    Searching for a remedy to cure itching? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am suffering from itching around my genital organ.
    I was using ITCH GUARD from 7 days but I am not getting any results.
    Should I continue to use itchguard?
    Its too embarrassing to suffer from this.
    Can I use Zole F ointment without consulting a doctor?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • There are many reasons the genital itching could result from. So you have to meet the doctor and find out the cause. If the cause is yeast infection or the skin infection then this can take some time for recovery.

    Zole F should be used in prescribed percentage. And for this my suggestion is to ask the doctor. You can find the alternative to Zole F that contains (Miconazole + Fluocinolone acetonide). And if prescribed take it as an alternative.

    It's not advisable to ignore this sort of itching. And you have to consult with the doctors in order to take the medication. Avoid self medication as much as possible. If the itch guard fails to work then it'd be helpful to meet doctor and consult further. Avoid over the counter or self prescribed medicines.

  • The market is flooded with over the counter medicines and their results would vary from patient to patient and as such it's usage without the recommendation of the Doctor may be harmful and supposing that there is prolonged application of the ITCH GUARD from your end and there is no positive result even after its repeated use, your skin will develop resistance to the persistent germs and will cause a delayed relief of the prevalent system.
    The home remedy of this symptom lies in regular usage of Aloe - Vera gel on the affected part two to three times followed by internal ingestion of three to four Neem - leaves and equal number of Tulasi leaves two times in a day for a couple of days in order to get permanent relief from this skin - disorder.
    Neem and Tulasi both being antifungal, antibacterial and anti - viral would work effectively to kill the germs.
    Aloe - Vera, too, works gently on the skin and eliminates the skin - problem.
    If results are not being seen within a week, you may consult the Skin - specialist.

  • As per query I think it better you consult a doctor. Please don't take any general medicine. Its better you discontinue Itch Guard and please mention the problem in detail. Itch guard can be used as a general medicine for itching. If it is not cured within 2-3 days , then its better for you to consult a doctor and take a proper medicine before it gets more fussed and irritated.

  • Using Zole F is fine, I myself use it,But it is better to consult a skin specialist and check on if its any fungal infection. If Zole F doesn't work out then try Apple Cider Vinegar. Dilute 2 spoon of vinegar in 2 cups of water, mix well and apply on the infected area . Let the vinegar dry on its own, you will surely see results. And it does not have any side effects

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