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    What career path to take up after engineering to start my own business?

    Eager to set up your own business venture after completing engineering? Get expert guidance on whether you need to pursue further courses and other useful tips to starting your own business.

    I am a first year student at a Jabalpur engineering college. My dream is to start my own business, but I don't know how to start it and how to choose the way to became a businessman. Do I have to do MBA? I am confused so please guide me on my career path.
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  • Pranjal Garg warm welcome to this site as a new member and great to note that after finishing Engineering , you want to start your own business. That is the good attitude and aim being nurtured from the first year itself. In this regard I wish to advise you to contact your college for other skills being imparted in the Engineering level apart from the core subjects. That kind of exposure would enable you to achieve maximum exposure in managerial and manufacturing skill and thus your aim can be achieved. Meanwhile you also plan for the necessity funds for starting your own business. In olden days when people want to start their own business they used to join as employee in a company and know all the intricacies of the manufacturing and then plan to start their own business. That kind of skill in being imparted in some colleges in Hyderabad. I wont know about your college in Jabalpur.

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  • Mr. Garg: You have a great ambition, but it is too vague. During the four years Engineering course, along with subjects in your particular branch, study various options, life of successful entrepreneurs and firm up your ambition. After Engineering, go for MBA in Entrepreneurship, and if you are confident enough, go for your start-up. Otherwise work for two ti five years in your related field to gain experience and arrange finance before going for start-up.

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  • It is good to see that you are thinking about your own startup just from the beginning of your engineering career. To start your own career, you must have knowledge regarding entrepreneurship which is related to the same of which you are thinking about. Many workshops are conducted in your college level in term period of 4 years. Also, workshops in your nearby colleges (like IIIT Jabalpur) may also be conducted regarding entrepreneurship. So, be aware about these workshops and actively participate to learn more. Simultaneously, you must be discovering for a business partner for your very first startup as it is very necessary to properly manage all the things. After B.Tech if you are going for MBA then you get more managerial skills and business skills to manage your own business.

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  • The author can treat securing 1st class 1st in his engineering degree as his business, to begin with. A sound knowledge base is a good investment in a business. Diverting mind from studies on the pretext of researching for business, at this stage, may not make him a good businessman.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • Starting a business is not child's play. There are many aspects to a business that you will have to be familiar with.

    Begin with identifying what you want to do. Do you want to get into manufacturing or do you want to trade? Do you want to manufacture ready to sell goods, or is your interest in spare parts? Do you want to stick to a particular type of manufacturing or would you want to be a jack of all trades? Similarly, trade – what is it that you want to trade? Have a basic plan of what you want to do. Just wanting to get into a business, is too lame, an idea.

    Once you know what you want to do you will have to arrange the logistics – this means finances for the project, a place to begin the project, a team of trusted workers to help you with the project etcetera.

    You will have to think of marketing, because if you don't have a fool-proof plan on how to sell, your business will fail, even before it takes off.

    As a businessman, you might have to register with concerned authorities. You will need to get permission from various government offices. It is a long drawn process, which has been simplified under the present government.

    You will also need financial and emotional support in the interim period that your business takes to take off.

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  • First you complete your engineering. To start any business you need not do MBA it for your professional career. Before you start any business think on a particular field in which your interested and try to gain knowledge of it who is working in the same field. After all that plan for the finance that has to be spent on it. Basically to be familiar you need to advertise about it. Finally when your going to execute it think of the profit and loss of the product. Initially you may not get good profit but don't loose hopes work hard and sincerely with your efforts, gradually your name will be in the market.
    All business men's are not pg graduate's. Business is a brain game where there will be lot of puzzle's and you need to solve it patiently to succeed further.
    Wish you All the Best.. Let success be your's

  • The number of answers itself is a proof that there is no formula common to all for business. Business first needs entrepreneurship. It is an inner urge to do business. I think you have that. Keep nourishing that in a corner of your mid, and carry on with your present course of study.

    On the way you will get to see many opportunities and openings for business, which may not appear to be so to your other classmates or friends. You need not jump on all or feel disappointed on anything. Even during your study time, you may get a right spark and can start a part time business-of agency, dealership, marketing, manufacture or anything possible within your time and resource.

    However it is better to do some homework on the matter or discuss with those well experienced and well wishers before jumping into the business.

    If nothing materialises during study period, don't worry. By end of the course you would have gained more knowledge and wisdom and more maturity. You can then pass the course and think on a start -up business. Keep the seed now itself in mind, keep it watered periodically. It will be then ready to grow at the right time.

    Best wishes.

  • Day dreaming is everybody's right and it is the first step towards success. Since you are 1st year student of B Tech, completion of your dreams depend upon financial condition of your parents. I mean to say how much your parents are going to support you financially?

    If you want to start your business of your own, then focus on your study first. After the completion of study go for job and generate fund for your dream business. It is better if you go for MBA after graduation. If you want to start a business an MBA degree will give you great boost. If your family is not in the position to fund for your business then there is no use of dreaming to start a business at this stage. Graduation degree will play very vital role in your carrier, so focus on it wholeheartedly and try to score high grade.

    If you complete your B Tech with high score you will get a placement of high value. Before becoming entrepreneur, plan to serve a company for 4-5 years. This 4-5 years experience will help you in your carrier as a entrepreneur.

  • It is good to be career oriented but I guess, you need some more time to take firm decision about your future.
    While pursuing your engineering, the right step is to focus on your studies completely. May be in coming years, your course will give you something that will let you to drop your idea about becoming a business man.

    As per my idea, the correct steps should be completing your engineering degree with hard work and secure a good job. This will give you an professional life experience and will allow you to learn lots of practical things along with earning.
    This learning and earning will help you to start your own business. There is no retirement age for entrepreneurs, so please do not be hurry and start only when you have stiff knowledge, support, decision and determination about starting up any business.


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  • If you are studying your engineering, then continue to finish your degree. And after finishing the degree it helps to get the MBA or the business degree. There are also entrepreneur courses both offline and online. You have to learn things behind such accounts, HR, technical and few other working that goes within the company. Most important skill here would be to learn how to sell your product or service. How to get leads for your business. That's the education that matters the most while starting and working on business.

    My suggestion would be to complete the degree and focus on getting a job. Based on your experience at job, you can apply the skills for the business. Job security allows you to experiment. And you can take calculated risks. And this also prevents you from making harsh risks. It may not be easy but definitely possible if your efforts are focused.

    For now focus on education then job to gain some real world experience. And in between learn the business skills that are required for your own business idea.

  • If you want to start your own business, you must have sound analytical capability with respect to choosing the business of your liking, its future profitability and the hurdles associated with this business. So, persuasion of any Engineering - degree would not block your path in undertaking any business.
    However, there is a branch known as Industrial - engineering where there is detailed study relating different procedures employed in the industries such as Iron - foundry, Steel, Cement, Power, Oil and Copper industries. This branch of Engineering would offer you sufficient ideas regarding the time - management and deployment of man - power for carrying out the operation effectively. There is indepth study of man, machine and material and such extensive knowledge would make you fully competent in a technically related business.
    The other way of taking up MBA in Human- resources or Finance would strengthen your business - acumenship.
    However, at this stage, concentrate on your studies in the stream which you,have already selected. Make an effort to secure impressive marks in all the semesters so that you are sound in the Engineering - basics.
    Later after completion of your course, make an introspection of different business and choose the one for which you have the intense - liking.

  • There is no any particular requirement to start a business except idea. To start a business one need to have an unique idea. The idea should be implemented properly. Being an engineer you will be able to tackle it properly. Do not worry about the field of engineering you are in. You will always find something to get business for.

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