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    What is live experiment in Google Adsense?

    Will you please help me by telling about the experiment test in Adsense. Also, tell me their benefits and disadvantages of the features. How can I utilize these features?
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    Running an experiment will let you compare two different settings at a single time. This could help in regulating the site's traffic. It helps you configure your settings and helps you earn more.
    You can create your experiment. All you need to do is give Ad-type, Ad-style and multiple changes you like to view. You can allow or deny ads.
    You will have to compare the original ad settings to that of your variation. It might take few days to observe the results. Thereby, in the end you will get to know which settings were good.
    You can even setup automatic experiments by going to Optimization tab, this will save your time and effort.

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  • Running an experiment allows you to compare one of your ad settings against a variation of that setting to see which performs better. Experiments work by splitting your site's traffic between the original ad setting and the variation, so that their performance can be measured side by side. Experiments help you to make informed decisions about how to configure your ad settings, and can help you to increase your earnings.

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