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    Keloids on my shoulders since 4 years

    I have pimples. How to remove pimples from shoulder area? Is there any cream used to remove pimples and keloids?

    I got some pimples on my shoulders 4 years, two years back I consulted a doctor.He said those are keloids, and suggest me some cream. But they are not gone. What to do now?
    How to remove them.Can any one suggest me some creams to remove keloids from my shoulders.
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  • Keloids appear on skin which had some sort of scar or the acne. And they develop in size if the person gains weight within that region. And this affects with the nearby skin. And in turn keloids appear.

    There are not many effective treatments for this other than replacement of scar skin. And in some cases there are some surgeries are performed if this is affecting looks of person.

    Some of the treatments are as follows -

    1. Radiation to shrink keloid often works for some people. However do note that this is very expensive.
    2. Laser treatment on the softer keloid tissue.
    3. Usage of silicone gel pads by replacing the underneath skin.
    4. Moisturizer on the skin to make it soft before using any treatment.
    5. corticosteroid injection during the skin removal.

    These are some of the common treatment. However none of them guarantees the skin improvement. So sometimes you have to keep the keloids as it is. Some of the skin specialist however charge a lot for skin replacement. If you are ready for such expensive treatments then that is another available option.

  • One of the member of my family was having same problem. We tried many medicines. There was no improvement. Then we tried a home made remedy and problem is cured by more than 90% within six months. This is natural medicine and you can also try.
    Take fresh leaves (approx. 20 gm.) of Neem tree and boil it in three liter of water till the water content comes down to two and half liter. Filter this hot water and mix it with normal water to make it lukewarm. Take bath with this water. If Neem tree is not available in your place, as an alternate way you can purchase Neem powder from ayurvedic medical store. Practice this method regularly. After one month result will be seen and within six months you may see smooth and healthy skin.

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