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    PILES problem is making life tough.

    How to get rid of constant Hemorrhoids problem? Are Hemorrhoids somewhat related to alcohol consumption?

    I am a healthy person of 26 years. I am involved in martial arts. Before 1 year, I was suffering from Hemorrhoids. I got medical non surgical treatment and it went. Again after heavy alcohol consumption it reoccurred. I got it treated again. Now I left alcohol but still its not going completely. Still I feel pain and swelling in rectal area. How to get rid of it completely.
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    You must know what food and drinks you should take and what not. Stick to the food discipline. Take a homeopathic treatment to eradicate completely So that it should not is a small list of eat and do not eat.
    1.Take curd and butter milk regularly.
    2.Take reddish, carrot and cucumber regularly in salad.
    3. eat guava and orange.
    4. Drink 3-4 liters of water daily.
    5. Take isabgol bhusi after soaking in milk or butter milk before going to bed to avoid constipation and friction between the anus wall and solid dried defecation.
    Do not take:
    1. Do not drink liquer.
    2. Do not consume spicy food
    3. Do not consume mirch
    4.Do not eat too much dry fruits not use maida/ maheen aatta, use coarse flour (aatta)

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    In order to get rid of the piles problem you have to make some drastic changes in your lifestyle and diet.

    You have to reduce the weight if your weight is off the BMI scale. You have to make sure that your belly fat has less weight. And this means you have to exercise. You also need to get the weight reduced as quickly as possible as increase in weight affects your stool position.

    As for the diet, you have to make sure to avoid some of the following.

    1. Don't eat green chilly or food that has it. The seeds affect your health and contribute to piles pain.
    2. Avoid bread in your food as that contributes to weight gain.
    3. Don't drink soda or the soft drink or even alcohol.
    4. Don't avoid Chinese food as the ingredients affect your health.
    5. Find out the vegetables that are not good for your piles (depending on internal or external piles this may vary) and then choose your diet accordingly.

    Here are some of the things that you should do.

    1. Drink lot of water.
    2. Move and stop being idle.
    3. If given choice between walking and bike riding, try to walk.
    4. Drink cold water and try to keep body temperature down.

    Make sure to focus on the weight and also your diet. This will help you keep the piles away.

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    Certain modifications in respect of life - style would be helpful in alleviating piles. The following tips may prove to be helpful in connection with the cure of piles-
    1) Apply Aloe - Vera gel on the affected part and its application for twice a day will offer you substantial relief from the unbearable pain the piles can be controlled.
    2) Three dry figs soaked in water for over - night, should be consumed early in the morning.
    3) Take a half - cut lemon and squeeze its juice and finally this should be mixed with cold milk. The resultant mixture should be consumed immediately and consumption of such concoction thrice a day would provide positive result.
    4) Fibrous foods such as Brown - rice, Oats, Banana etc should be taken.
    5) Coconut - oil should be applied on the affected part in order to get relief from the pain.
    6) Enough water- intake ( approx 2.5 litres) has to be maintained in order to avoid constipation.
    There are certain precautions to be followed in order to avoid the complications such as-
    1) Spicy - foods are to be avoided.
    2) Prolonged sitting in a particular place should be avoided.
    3) Fried foods are to be curbed.

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    To get rid of it you have to completely stop consuming alcohol. Suppose if you are having a habit of smoking please stop that also. Your very young don't loose your life by consuming alcohol. Alcohol and smoking doesn't kill only one person but kills the family of that person also.
    Regarding your problem please take proper medication and have lots of curd rice and milk. Its better you go in for Ayurveda treatment, because this treatment removes the root of any health problems no doubt the process is very slow.

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    Natural treatment for hemorrhoids/piles
    Operation of the effected parts are not the permanent solution. There are some home made remedy available like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil,alum etc. Apply apple cider vinegar on effected area with the help of cotton ball. Repeat it three to four times in a day. within one week inflammation will disappear.
    Apple cider vinegar can be used another way. Take lukewarm water in a tub and mix one cup of apple cider vinegar in it.Sit in the tub with your effected area fully merged in water. Repeat this process twice a day.
    If apple cider vinegar is not available, coconut oil can be used as a alternate method. apply coconut oil with the help of cotton ball. Rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat this till the problem is solved. Within one week inflammation will disappear. Alum solution can also be used to cure the effected part. Prepare a solution of alum in water and preserve it in a bottle. Apply this solution like apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. It is very effective to cure the hemorrhoids/piles.

    Best treatment is prevention
    Follow the following prevention tips
    1. Keep your body weight balanced by doing regular exercise.
    2. Avoid constipation by taking fiber in your diet.
    3. Instead of fruit juice, eat fresh and rich in fiber fruit.
    4.Consume sufficient mineral water to keep your body hydrated.
    5. Avoid spicy and junk food.
    6. Avoid bread products.

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    A lot of valuable information is provided by members on prevention and management of piles.
    In addition to above remedial measures I have one suggestion to make -
    This is based on the science of exercises. When we exercise, the different parts of body get good blood circulation and movement and in this process they are rejuvenated. In Yoga and Pranayam also this benefit is derived. The advantage of Inhaling and exhaling of long breaths is already known to us.
    Now for piles one can try an exercise in which one has to voluntarily shrink in the anus area to inside with muscular activity only ( not with hands or any external device) and after 4-5 seconds release it to its normal condition. Initially it may look difficult but with a few attempts one can perform it easily. This is to be done 4-5 times initially and afterward 10-15 times daily preferably in morning time when usually many people are exercising. Avoid this in full stomach or before going to toilets.
    In my personal case it helped a lot though I had a mild piles.
    I have gained this knowledge from some people who have used the technique. I do not know whether it is documented somewhere or not.
    If in doubt one can also ascertain it from other sources before practicing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Have a healthy diet, and exercise regularly... This applies to every health problem. Avoid food that is heat in nature. Posting an easy and natural remedy which works very well:

    Take a small cup of finely chopped radish. Mix it with 2-3 tablespoons of curd. add salt as per your taste. Eat this daily before going to bed. Remember to chew the radish nicely before swallowing it. Do it daily. Within a few days you will see the difference. My friend's mother had this problem and she was following it.

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    Piles are common infection of men and women. It will 30 to 40 age group peoples are affected. A pile is the medical name of hemorrhoids. This infection was affect by venis and also affect inside anus and outside anus. In men's are inflamed by body heat to way-out of large intestine to anus it will rashes the heat to develop the piles in anus. In women during pregnancy time they have many problems are pressure effect of baby lying above the rectum and anus will be piles are affected. Piles are affected internal and external anus. External piles are painless but internal piles are very pain it will blood come to out in motion. It will cure some difficult of internal piles. It will be Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment and Home remedies.


    1. It will stand or sitting a very long periods of working office and home.
    2. You can lift the heavy weight in home to breathing improperly while pushing against weight.
    3. In pregnancy time, the pelvic area to be increased the blood flow in results.
    4. Due to pregnancy time, a baby is natural birth for pushing and pressure will be high with flow blood.
    5. Strain the long term diarrhea of motion will be caused.
    6. Cough, sneeze and nausea will be the inherited factors to be caused.
    7. Alcohol drinks to be caused by piles.
    8. Long journey will going to sit long time, uncooked foods eating, non vegetarian food heavy eat.
    9. In antibiotics medicine heavily take it will caused internal piles.


    The symptoms of piles will be pain in the rectal area and accompanied by irritation. If you go toilet in motion way out and using tissue papers of bleeding blood in internal piles. Discomfort around the anus will be caused by piles. Itching that place to hand not touch the place it will irritation of the hemorrhoids.

    External Piles Treatment

    1. In external hemorrhoids is the place of venis near the anus and it will slight swelling the extra skin you can feel around the anus.
    2. It will inflame and itching the skin to keep the area clean with make it.
    3. Aloe vera gel applied the piles it will cure day by day.
    4. Turmeric powder will be apply
    5. Coconut oil also apply

    Internal Piles Treatment

    1. Kadukkai powder will be curing the internal piles. Take a half tablespoon of powder will mix with butter milk, drink after foods.
    2. Triphala churnam is also cure the piles. Take a tablespoon of powder well mixed in hot water to drink after foods.
    3. Arshoghnivati medicine mix with water or butter milk drink the before and after foods.
    4. This treatment are taken you will cure from piles and also not cure you will check the doctors are advice as follows.

    Home remedies

    1. You can change the life style of the treatment all stages of piles diseases
    2. Avoid alcohol and smoking
    3. Don't sit for a long time and take some rest of break regularly.
    4. Keep good clothes are wearing.
    5. Guava leaf grind apply the piles top place
    6. Drink pomegranate juice daily.
    7. Drink villa leaf powder mix with hot water before food

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