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    Which is the best book for the preparation of IBPS clerk exam?

    I want to prepare for IBPS examinations. What are the best books available in the market for the preparation of IBPS clerk exam?

    I couldn't attend any IBPS exams yet. Now want to prepare for clerk Exam(SBI,Malabar Gramina Bank,IBPS....). So I decided to buy a book for the exam preparation ,But there are lot of books available in the market, little confused about the best book to buy. So friends please help to select a best book..
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  • Yes, its true that you can find a lot of books over web for IBPS exam preparation. You will have to choose the best among them for your exam preparation.
    Here I am listing you some top books recommended by experts for preparation.

    For IBPS PO Reasoning, you may refer:
    • A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Revised Edition

    • 14 Kiran's Tricky Approach To Competitive Reasoning Verbal & Non Verbal (Fully Solved) 7000+objective Question

    For IBPS English, you may refer:
    • Objective English for Competitive Examinations 5th Edition

    • Comprehensive English Grammar, Composition – Arihant Publication

    For IBPS Quantitative, you may refer:
    • Quantitative Ability by R.S. Aggarwal

    • Quicker Mathematics by Tyra and Kundan

    For IBPS General Awareness, you may refer:
    • Banking Awareness by Arihant Publications

    • Objective General Knowledge by Lucent

    • 6250+ Objective General Knowledge by Arihant

    For IBPS Computer Knowledge, you may refer:
    • Computer Knowledge by Kiran Publication

    • Objective Computer Knowledge

    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

  • First of all, you should not be confused with abundant availability of books supplementing your knowledge but rather imrove your fundamentals so as to tackle the question paper.
    You should be aware of trends of question - setting relating to IBPS examination and this should be your starting point of further proceeding.
    The following tips would help you in enhancing your efficiency-
    1) you can improve your English with your regular engagements with the English - newspaper such as Times of India, The Hindus, The Hindustan - times etc. You would come latest news and in that way, you would be familiar with the current affairs. Go through the editorials and see how the facts are being reproduced. Mark the unfamiliar words and refer to the dictionary to know its exact meaning. Use such words in corse of conversasation.
    2) If possible, enrol yourself in a reputed institute where there is scope for your improvement of both written and spoken Englsh.
    3) For numerical problems relating to Mathematics, the volume of Sri R.S. Aggrawal is supposed to be the best especially in being familiar with the short cut methods of tackling the problems thereby saving times in order to arrive at the right answer.
    4) For the preparation of verbal - reasoning, stick to one volume of the book written by a prominent writer.
    5) You must have a strong confidence and clarity to tackle the issues relating to examination.

  • In Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) examination apart from your knowledge, speed and accuracy decides the selection. In my view all the books are same. Continuous and determined practice makes the difference. Some times we come across a boy from rural area who is selected in IBPS examination but never attended any coaching or read a book from a famous author. He was practicing the concerned subject day and night.

    For banks examination only practice is the foolproof way towards success. You buy any book or join any coaching center for IBPS examination, but don't forget to practice a lot. Practice makes a man perfect. This is 100% true in case of bank examination.

  • My best suggestion to you is to follow one or two websites which will send you notification about all coming exams, practice question papers, notes.
    You can also practice particular topic where you think you need more attention is required. This is smart way to crack written examination, these also help you in knowing expected cutoff, results and success stories.
    I don't know if I am allowed to name particular websites here, you can simply search for bank preparation, explore those and soon you will be able to know the best one to follow.
    While selecting one two or three sites for regular use and guidance, keep in mind that you must select those which are regularly updated with more content.

    Chitra Rana

  • Some of the books preferred by students and faculties in various coaching institute for IBPS exams are as follows:

    -Kiran publication's books for sample papers and problems of reasoning and computer knowledge
    - Arihant publication's Fast track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Agarwal for mathematics and quantitative aptitude problems
    -Arihant publication's by BS sijwali and ,Indu Sijwali for reasoning -verbal and nonverbal and analytical
    -for solved paper and sample papers Mahindra's monthly issues consisting of previous paper questions
    - Book by R.S Agarwal for quantitative aptitude and reasoning.

    For the preparation of bank exam you can also use few sites like, textbook e.t.c and they also provide many pen drive courses consisting of all subjects as per syllabus and practice paper.
    You can also give online mock test on these sites.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • Dear Friend,

    IBPS (The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) is an autonomous body for recruiting and selecting banking personnel for various banking channel like RRB, Nationalized Banks, and any others. IBPS conducts various exam every year. The main exams conducted by IBPS are PO, Specialist officers, RRB- Office assistant, Officer Scale- I, II, III, IBPS Clerk, etc. All exams being conducted online. So there are very much need for Time management, Accuracy, and Speed.
    Generally, there are preliminary and main exam. Syllabus and time period of both type of exams are as follows-

    For preliminary exam

    General English - 30 Questions - 30 Marks
    Quantitative Aptitude - 35 Questions - 35 Marks
    Reasoning - 35 Questions - 35 Marks

    For Main Exam

    General English - 40 Questions - 40 Marks
    Quantitative Aptitude - 50 Questions - 50 Marks
    Reasoning - 50 Questions - 50 Marks
    General Awareness - 40 Questions - 40 Marks
    Computer - 20 Questions - 20 Marks

    Best Books and other Sources-

    General English
    1. Kiran Prakashan
    2. R. S. Aggarwal
    3. A basic Dictionary
    4. Reading habit of at least one English News Paper

    Quantitative Aptitude
    1. Kiran Prakashan
    2. R. S. Aggarwal
    3. 10th Class NCERT Book
    4. Habit of various calculation manually on regular basis

    1. Kiran Prakashan
    2. Arihant Publication
    3. Old Question Papers (Sold)

    General Awareness
    1. Online Tyari APP
    2. Reading a News Paper daily
    3. Moomal Publications
    4. Surfing Internet

    1. 10th, 11th, 12th NCERT Books (compulsory)
    2. Online Tyari APP
    3. Old Question Papers (Solved)


    So, I hope that you have satisfied with my Answer and contribution. And I wish for you to God "BEST OF LUCK"

    Thanks & Regards
    Brijesh Jayaswal

  • When you prepare for any exam you should have a strategy in mind.this is based o the questions and topics that are asked in the exam. So I would request you to please buy a book which has some previous 5 years exam papers and also some practice sets.One of the best books available in the market is from Arihant Publication. In the starting it has previous 5 years papers and then it has some practice sets to solve.

    This will make you comfortable in every type of question that is asked in the exam.You learn a short cut technique for all those so that you rise in the exam and get a good rank.

  • Among the various banking exams likeIBPS PO, IBPS SO, IBPS RRB and IBPS Clerk, or SBI bank exams the IBPS Clerk is the easiest. The questions asked in IBPS clerk exam are of the easy level.
    the study material plays very important role in preparation for the exam. The IBPS exam consists mainly five section that is English, Computer & Reasoning, quantitative and general awareness section.
    you must be aware of the syllabus and paper pattern for the preparation.
    The books you can refer are as follows:
    Quantitative Aptitude
    Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal
    Advance maths for General Competitions by Rakesh Yadav

    General English by SP Bakshi

    Reasoning Ability
    A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarawal
    A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal by B.S. Sijwali

    General Awareness
    Banking Awareness by Arihant
    Lucent's General Knowledge
    current affairs, newspaper, magazines

    hope it will help you in preparation for the Clerk exam. Make a strategy and keep practicing. be confident. All the best for the exam.

  • The status of this response is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    Hey there I will tell you the best books you need to study for bank exams. In bank exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO etc the reasoning portion and English portion is sometimes and somewhat hard so try to focus on the concepts. I will recommend you only 1 book of each subject and that will be sufficient to qualify bank exams as I myself have been qualified 3 times in IBPS PO.

    Reasoning :
    A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning by RS Agarwal

    Math : lucent's math (for concepts)
    Kiran's 7300+ objective questions mathematics

    English :
    plinth to Paramount by neetu Singh (for concepts)
    General English for competitions sp Bakshi for practise

    GS : lucent's general knowledge

    Above books are sufficient for bank and ssc exams you will not need anything other that these books to study for your exams


    'Reading one book ten times is good than reading ten books not even one time'

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