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    Is court marriage legal if marriage certificate name is not correct?

    Worried about incorrect name on the marriage certificate? Find out from this Ask Expert page if the marriage is legally valid.

    If marriage certificate name was not correct then does the law allow the court marriage?
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  • If your name is not written correctly in the marriage certificate, will not create any problem for you. Court marriage adopts some procedure and it is fool proof. First both the party has to write their particular in marriage register with consent letter.

    Both the party has to submit ID and address proof certificate and a certificate to support their date of birth. Pass port size photo of both bride and groom are pasted on marriage certificate. A part from this it is signed by two witnesses and both the witness has to submit their ID proof and address proof. After taking so much care in court marriage, it is not a problem if name is not mentioned correctly on marriage. certificate. It is better to get it corrected in due time to avoid any trouble.

  • If the court documents have the name conflict then it could create conflicts for you. If there are photographs and the valid signature then it can be contested in court. Court in past have accepted non registered marriages due to witness and photographs. So it is possible to prove the marriage if one has video copy of marriage, photographs and witness proving the marriage ceremony. If the court marriage certificate has name conflict like spelling and typo. Such can be corrected by visiting the office. In such case you have to provide your documentation for identification and address proof. This should help resolve the certificate name issue.

    If you are confused or have some specific query, then it helps to visit the office and get the queries resolved.

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