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    How to transfer pension from West Bengal to Odisha

    Working in Kolkata and want to transfer pension from West Bengal to Odisha. What is the procedure to transfer a pension account from one state to the other?

    My father was working in one of the residential college in Kolkata south 24 pgs district, now he is getting his pension in united bank of India,(Kolkata), we want to transfer his pension from West Bengal to our nearest treasury office in Odisha, could you please advice what is the procedure to do the transfer and how much time it will take to complete the process,
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    Very well you can transfer the pension account and it is very easy also. Transferring the pension account has been divided in three categories. You can apply and transfer the pension account suitably. Three categories of transferring the pension account are as follows-
    1. Transferring the pension account from one branch to another under the same bank and within the city or to another city.
    2. Transfer of pension account from one bank to another and within same city. This category of transfer is allowed only once in a financial year.
    3. Transfer of pension account from one bank to another bank and at different location.
    Transfer in category (1) is easiest one. So, I suggest you to apply for transfer of pension account from United Bank of India to another branch of same bank only. In this category, pension disbursing branch will make necessary entries in their record in the annexure viii form and forward the Pension Pay Orders to to the branch where you are desiring the pension to be disbursed and intimation will be forwarded to Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO).New branch will also intimate the Central Pension Account Office and to previous branch of the bank. To know the procedure of transferring the pension account in detail click here TRANSFER OF PENSION ACCOUNT

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