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    I am pregnant and I am worried about this.

    Worried about pregnancy after taking contraceptive tablets? What are the side effects of taking pills on a new born baby? Look at the advice provided by experts here.

    I took a tablet for postponing the period in last week of the cycle. After 6 days I felt that I am pregnant. Is any side effect on new born baby from this one tablet? I am worried.
    Awaiting earnest response.
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  • Before answering your query, I would like to ask some questions-
    1. Have you confirmed your pregnancy using pregnancy test kit because you have mentioned that you felt like you are pregnant? It is very handy and easy to use even at home. Please use that and first get confirmed about pregnancy.
    2. If your periods are delayed and you are suspecting your pregnancy, then there are strong chances that the tablet you had for delayed period has worked well for you and there is nothing related to pregnancy.
    3. If your pregnancy is confirmed, consult a doctor/ gynecologist and share that you have taken that tablet. As per my knowledge, it would not be a problem because if you are pregnant, there is no egg to be acted upon for the tablet to delay your periods.
    Secondly, if you were intended to delay your menstrual period means your pregnancy is recent and there should be minimal harm.
    Lastly, you want to wait, you can wait for few more days. If you will have your delayed periods then there is no pregnancy. But this is doubtful because in many cases, females faces problem of menstruation cycle even after conceiving during their initial days. So, the best solution is to use pregnancy test kit available at any medical store. You just have to collect a part of your first urine in the morning and apply a single drop of it in the ELISA strip using dropper provided with the kit. Within a minute, you will be having result in your hand.


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  • Yes, it is positive on prega news test kit.

  • If your Prega news kit has given positive result, then congratulations!
    I advice you to contact a gynecologist and get all the other confirmatory tests done for confirming your pregnancy. Share about your medication for delaying menstruation cycle with your doctor and get her/his advise on the same.
    I do not think that there will be any problem but still an expert's views would be better.


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  • Before taking a postponement tablet, have you consulted your doctor. Because any postponement tablets should not be taken without a doctor's advice. Now as per your query when did you consume your tablet after you complete your menstrual period i,e after 25 to 30 days, normally an expecting lady will wait till 30 days for the regular periods and if she has not then she will go in for pregnancy test which can done at home. What ever the condition may be please consult your gynecologist and tell her about the postponement tablets and do as directed by your doctor.

  • Once you have got confirmed about your pregnancy, you should first fix a known or nearby doctor of Gynecology. Seek advice from her only and you should adhere her advice promptly. It is better to have your husband,mother/mother-in-law along with you while consulting the doctor. Whenever you are going to the doctor for whatever the reason any of the above three should be with you. It is better to note down the instructions whatever the doctor told you date wise by keeping a note book with you till the delivery is completed. Keep all prescriptions, medical bills etc., in a separate file which is amenable to take by you and your family persons easily. Wish you all the best.

  • Thank you all of u for advising me and for your best wishes.

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