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    How data can be recovered from external hard disk which is undetectable?

    Wondering how to recovered data from an undetectable hard disk? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I have an external hard disk drive in which it's power LED is on, but the disk drive is undetected. It does not show any hard disk in my operating system but there is power going in to the hard disk. How can we recover files/data from this?
    Awaiting advice.
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    The LED power is on because only the power cable must be right. Let me know whether your this drive for the first time for your PC or when you were using suddenly it stopped detecting the drive.
    As per your query there may be following reasons:-
    1) It must not be detecting because the data cable may not fixed properly according to its denominations.
    2) Your OS may not be having supporting software of that hard disk.
    3) Your system specifications also may not be supporting.

    To give a proper solution for your query please specify your system specifications, OS and also whether your using this external hard disk for the first time for your PC.

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    Hard disk could be undetected for many reasons. Some of the reasons include -

    1. Bad sectors
    2. Hard disk failure
    3. Drive corruption of data

    Apart from this the hard disk showing LED because of the power is being supplied. This has nothing to do with the HD performance. Sometimes LED is not an indication of drive performing. It only shows if the drive gets powered on or not.If the core functionality that gets the disk to be detected is damaged then we can't do anything.

    There are some of the data recovery companies who manage to take a look at the drive and then try to make it work. They get the data out by making the core functionality working. So you may want to take a look at that.

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    If your external hard disk is not detecting then there may be many reasons. Reasons may be hard disk's partition issue or dead USB port in your computer or driver problem in your windows.

    1) First see that, is your hard disk showing in Disk management? For that first press "Windows +R" in your computer. It will open RUN box. Type there "diskmgmt.msc" without inverted commas and press Enter. In disk management your external hard disk should show up. If it is not showing up, then you can be sure there is some problem with hard disk or port.

    2) Check your USB port in computer. Unplug your hard disk and plug it to another USB port. If your hard disk is showing then the previous port is dead. If you are connecting to USB hub, then try to plug that hub to another computer. Because some USB hubs don't get enough power to function hard disk. If all is OK and still your hard disk is not detecting then there may be driver issue.

    3) To check the driver, you have to open Device Manager. For that first press "Windows +R" in your computer. It will open RUN box. Type there "devmgmt.msc" without inverted commas and press Enter. Look at Disk drives and see that is there any devices with a yellow exclamation mark next to it. If there is yellow exclamation mark, then make sure there is a driver problem. Press Right-click of the mouse at the device with a yellow exclamation mark. Select Properties and see the error message. This will help you solve the problem. If you want to fix the problem with your own then do a Google search for the error message.

    If still you are unable to fix the problem then I suggest you to take your hard disk to any professional technician.

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