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    Query about spelling mistake in degree certificate and document verification

    Worried about document verification because of spelling mistake in certificate? Check out this page and resolve your queries.

    My name is wrongly spelt in BTech degree certificate. I am preparing for a banking sector job.
    Will it create a problem in getting a government job?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • I think you need to get this one corrected before you can join. Because during the document check it will be problem. most of the government department are strict about any form of typo. And for this you have to go to university and collect the update. Go to university and ask on how to do this. It may often create problem during the verification checck. So make sure your side it is properly corrected before joining.

  • Hi,
    I will advice you to contact your college or the concerned university to correct your name. A error in name is a serious problem It will not only create a problem only in govt job, but also create a problem in any private job or any kind of legal procedure. It may take a little time so apply it now.
    If it is not corrected you may got stucked in the document verification phase. So, do it as early as possible.
    You can produce the photocopies of your photo identity proofs to specify the correct name while submitting the application for the name change. You may write an application in your own hand or sometime they have a certain error correction form to correct such errors; if they have such forms just fill it and submit with supporting documents.

  • Yes, you have to immediately get the correction done in your certificate from your University and get a new certificate issued at an earliest.This is very important matter to be resolved.
    Meanwhile you have to go ahead with your plans and if the certificate is not acceptable there you can ask them if submitting an affidavit or any other legal procedure will be sufficient for time being till you submit the corrected certificate. If they allow you and give some time you will get the corrected certificate by then.

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