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    Query about hotel management after class 12 with Science

    Aspiring to study hotel management? wondering if a Science student can take up this course? On this ask Expert page you will get response to your dilemma.

    I am nervous. I am going to do hotel management after Science 12 class. While you can do hotel management with any stream I am just nervous because I may be the only science guy in my batch in the college. In addition to that I am doing hotel management with no knowledge of cooking. The reason for choosing this career path is the desire in me to not go for a science career. The main fuel for this desire is my traumatising experience of class 11 when I just passed with a total aggregate of 50 marks. After class 11 I made up my decision that I will not study science after class 12. So I started searching for different career options after class 12 and finally I chose hotel management. Because I believe I can do it and be successful in it.
    I just want some opinions and experiences of people who did or who know someone who did hotel management. Will it be difficult for a person who chose science stream in class 10?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • It doesn't matter from what stream you had studied in the past. If you are really interested and are optimist about your future in area of hotel management you should definitely pursue it as a career. Because only you knows yourself better what is best suitable for you as per your skills and if you have identified your skills than things like being alone within the college or in a group of people are negligible because when people are alone they often performs miracles.
    And as you said you don't want to pursue science as a career but you believe that you can do better in hotel management and see a bright future in it for yourself than you should not hesitate to take decision. There are lot of example and success stories in the area of hotel management and food industries who came from an entirely different background but did their best in this area and later owned big food chain restaurants and hotels and are doing best in hospitality business.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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