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    What would happen if I have police case

    worried about getting a government job if there is case pending in court? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I have one pending case on me in court about an accident when I was working in private construction company and it will be dismissed in 2 months. Would I be able to apply for a government job? If I get selected will it affect my career?
    Experts: do provide guidance.
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  • Yes, you can apply for Government jobs.
    Any 'petty case' involving minor offence does not make the person involved insuch case ineligible for Government office. But I must stress that while giving the necessary declaration after selection, you must state the truth and give details of the case truthfully against relevant column, so that no dishonest person (usually police official of local police station at the time of police verificiation) can't disturb or (inirectly) threaten you or seek bribe from you.

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  • You can apply for government job, reveal the truth in appropriate column regarding your pending case. Merely on the basis of pending case you can not be disqualified from government job. You are not guilty till it is proved in the court. If your guilt is proved and you are arrested. If you don't get bail within 48 hours then you will be suspended from the job. Till your crime is not of serious nature, you get the bail easily. As your question is limited to applying and Joining the government job if a case is pending against you.
    There are some services in government sector where high level of verification is done and by multiple security agencies. For those services you are unfit. As veteran of Indian Air Force I know some of the services where strict verification of individual is done and it is not one time verification, instead it is done on routine basis on fixed interval. But those services are very few in government sector. For majority of the jobs you are eligible.

  • Yes. you are eligible to apply. If the case is not currently in proceedings, so you are eligible. but for certain jobs you are not eligible. also you have to give a declaration about that before you join or apply for govt job.

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