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    How to choose best name for my new home

    Looking out for suggestions for naming a home? You will get suggestions for naming your home on this page.

    Can you suggest good meaningful name for my new constructed home in Hindi?
    It should be combination of my mom and dad's name. My father's name is Poona Ram Arya and mother's name is
    Experts: do respond.
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  • The three names Ram, Arya and Jyoti, in any sequential combination is good name. Arya Jyoti or Poorna Jyoti can also be tried.

  • My suggestions are: Poonarjyoti Niwas, Poonarjyoti Kutir or Ponnarjyoti Bhawan. I hope that one of these suggestions will be acceptable to you.

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  • I have some suggestions though they may only partially fulfil the conditions given by you.
    Name - Meaning
    Aryasthal - Land of the Aryas
    Aryavart - Land of the Aryas (Also the old name of India)
    Akhand Jyoti - Uninterrupted light

  • My suggestions are
    Poona-Jyoti Sadan or bhawan
    Ram-Jyoti Niwas
    Arya-Jyoti bhawan

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  • " Purnauti" which translated in English means = sacrificed oneself in an offering.
    It not only has your parent's name but also show their characteristics.
    They sacrificed their needs in order to offer you a better future.
    This could be the best tribute you could offer.

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  • You can suggest with your near and dear on naming your house. However, you may try for JyotiRam Nivas or combining the name of your grand parents name or surname as well. This is just a suggestion and you can keep some general name as well.

  • Hello

    Jyoti means Flame,Lamp
    Ram means Pleasing
    Poona means Full moon
    Arya means Noble.
    So My Suggestions are:

    Ram Jyoti Niketan
    Arya Jyoti Nivas
    Jyoti Arya Bhawan
    Poona Jyotir Sadan

    Any one of them will be helpful for you.

  • You can choose any one from the below-
    1.Jyotipoorna sadan
    2.Ramjyoti temlpe
    3.Poornajyoti niwas
    4.Jyoti-Arya niwas

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  • Shri ganesha AryaJyothi nivas,
    It will also keep away negative vibes to come even to your doors...I believe!!

  • Jyoti Rama Sadan
    Jyoti Poona Sadan
    Jyoti Arya Sadan
    Ram Jyoti Sadan
    Arya Jyoti Sadan

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  • Congratulations for your new house. Happy to hear that your naming your house by your parents name. When I did some work with your mother's and father's name I got some names. But before naming them please find out the meaning and then name them.
    Pohi, Rathi, Ramthi, Arth, Jyotna, Jarya, Jyithram, Poonjyothi, Rami, Aryhi, jyothina, jyotham, jyotya, Rathi, Ramjyothi, Rajytothi, Poohi.

  • In this view or in this question my suggestions are :

    1. RamJyoti Kutir
    2. JyotiRam Villa
    3. AryaJyoti Bhavan
    4. JyotiArya Niwas
    5. RamJyoti Niwas
    6. JyotiRam Niwas
    7. AryaJyoti Niwas

    And many more could be possible but my view the above mentioned are best names for your home.


    Dev Kumar

  • Hey Dear ,
    You can look for name on online platforms .Below some website's are listed have a look on them.

    NOTE :
    You can look for vastu , pooja etc also.

    That's it.

  • Ram jyoti Sadan.
    Jyoti Ram Nivas.
    Poorna jyothi nivas.
    P & J Sadan
    J&p Sadan.
    These names appear better to me. You can select any one from the above.

    always confident

  • Congratulations. I appreciate you to think like this to combine the names of your parents to your house. They feel so happy. I have suggest some names and it keep you happy.

    RAM DIVYAJYOTHI (Divyajyothi means divine light which also used for naming house and Jyothi your mother's name in it)
    RAMJYOTHI AALAYAM ( You know aalayam which means temple and your parents are god in this temple)
    JYOTHIRAM SANNIDHI (This too give meaning of temple)
    ARYAJYOTHI UDAYA ( This means dawn of the light that is dawn of Aryajyothi)

    Happy Home.

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