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    How to search for a new programming job

    Interested in moving to software development? Searching for jobs online? Find placement guidance from experts on this page.

    I have done MCA followed by one year of Unix- Solaris training. but did not get a job after that. Then I joined an engineering college as a programmer and got 5 yrs experience. There is no future for my job now and I want to move to software side or some other side. But there is gap of 5+ yrs. What should I do?
    Experts: do suggest a solution.
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  • You have 5 year programming experience. This experience can be used to apply for the new companies. You have to create resume involving the set of projects you have done in the past. Type of clients you have worked with. And also the skills that you have earned. Along with the type of projects and future direction you are interested into. This way you can build the resume. Once you have done this sort of resume, then start applying to the companies. And make sure to attend the interview with positive approach. This sort of efforts help you get the job in the type of programming language you want to work. Monster and Naukari has some of the startup jobs listed. You may want to take a look at that. You'd find the job through those listings.

  • A five years experience in software development is average. The suggestions for you from me are:

    1. Create a project
    2. Write your code
    3. Develop an App
    4. Sumbit the Apps to Play Store and other smart phones OS store.

    The reason is that most companies ask for own projects, programm codes and Apps that you recently developed for reference. One can also signup with Elance, Indeed, Monster and Freelance and develop some projects for clients berfore hunting for job.

    Thus makes your practical skills and experiences accellarate to average levels.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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