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    How to cure Dengue fever

    Searching for remedies to cure dengue fever? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    There are many people specially kids suffering from Dengue fever at the moment in Bangalore, India. One of my relative's kids too suffering from Dengue fever. They came to know its symptom after (normal fever and no cure) five days only upon blood test and platelet counts around 90K which is lower and abnormal. The fever reduces when Paracetamol uses and again fever comes back after few hours. They had tried Papaya leaf juices and Kiwi fruits intake but the platelet increased and fever was not reduced. How to cure Dengue fever?
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  • Mosquitoes are one of the key reasons for spreading of dengue. Right after the monsoon, their activities increases rapidly. So this is the time when you could prevent mosquitoes and also Dengue,Malaria, Chikungunia etc.;
    Dengue is a viral disease, so there are no particular cures. But we can reduce the pain and symptoms. Symptoms include headache,sore-throat,rashes, high fever, nausea etc..;
    So dengue can be differentiated from common cold or fever by following :
    1- Fever lasting more than a week.
    2- Thrombocytes decrease rapidly <= 100000/mm^2.
    3- Intense pain in stomach,back and joints.

    Dengue mainly affects children below 15.

    The patient's body serum is added with laboratory prepared antibody and injected into the body. Make sure that the patients get enough fluid everyday. Fruit juices are highly recommended.

    Tulsi is considered to cure the symptoms of Dengue effectively. A brew made with neem must be given to the patient to improve his immunity.

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  • There is no specific treatment of Dengue. The medicines which are administered to a patient only give symptomatic treatment. My younger brother's son suffered from virulent form of Dengue very recently during the last week of October this year. He had to be hospitalised. The doctor treated him with paracitamol, saline drip and an ointment to treat with rashes. His platelet count dropped rapidly. However, after 3-4 very anxious days, the platelet count started rising slowly. The boy took papaya leaves and kiwi fruit for preventing further drop in platelet count. If the platelet count of a patient goes down below 30,000, the doctors advise plasma transfusion, which is otherwise avoided because this may cause other medical problems.

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  • Seek medical help as soon as possible if identified as dengue.
    Follow the treatments as
    1.Plenty of bed rest.
    2.Drink a lot of water or any juices.
    3.Intake of medicines for fever to get controlled.
    4.Aspirin related products are strictly avoided ,it can cause in excessive bleeding.
    5.Take medical attention when there is persistent nausea or vomiting,blood in urine,difficulty in breathing.

    Preventing the Dengue Fever.
    1.Stay indoors in evenings or doors,windows closed on time ,this will avoid the entry of mosquitoes.
    2.Steps to cover your skin by wearing full body clothes when mosquitoes are more active.
    3.Sleep under mosquito net.
    4.Usage of mosquito repellents.
    5.Check for standing water,or any dumps where mosquito can clog and lay eggs.If found,demolish such areas.

  • I have heard about the leaf juice of Papaya which can cure the Dengue fever. It is working. I have experience of that. If is not working for you, there may be some other reason but Papaya leaf juice work.

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  • Simple and easily available...highly recommended...tender leaves of papaya tree,
    Method: just take some leaves of papaya, wash it nicely, and put it into juicer...every day morning 1 glass...within a week you can see the positive results...

  • There is no specific remedies to cure dengue fever. Doctors only provide medicines to minimize symptoms of diseases. Only your immune system can fight with germs of dengue. So doctors suggest proper diet to increase immune system. Vitamin C, juice of fruits, tomato juice, fibrous foods are given to increase immune system.

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  • Shri Tulsi is an extract of many diseases. You can purchase the Shri Tulsi online from IMC official website only with just ?199. Intake of Tulsi helps to fight diseases like Dengue, flu, fever, cough, allergy, piles, gout, pyria, lack of semen and vomiting...

    1. Mix two drops of Shri Tulsi with honey to help relief cold, fever, and dengue.
    2. Mix 10 drops of Shri Tulsi in warm water and gargle twice daily.
    3. Mix 10 to 15 drops of Tulsi in water cooler and it will keep your house mosquito free.

    You must refrain from consuming Tulsi after consuming milk.

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  • Dengue has proved to be threatening menace now a days but by taking certain preventive steps, this disease can be tackled. Here are a few guide - lines-
    1) The affected patients should be given four to five leaves of Tulasi to be chewed in evening and morning and you can notice immediate result. The drastic fall of platelet count can be restored back within a couple of days because Tulasi being antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial in nature.
    2) Arnica Montana 30 can also offer you relief by relieving your fever and platelet count will register an increase sharply. However, this medicine should be continued under the supervision of an able Homoeopath.
    3) Care has to be taken to improve the immunity - system of the patients and hence citrus fruits such as Grape - Fruits, Oranges, and Lemon - water may be given abundantly.
    4) Papaya - leaves do improve platelet count within a very short interval. Juice of Papaya - leaves should be given twice daily preferably in the morning and evening in the empty - stomach in order to get desired result.
    5) There should not be accumulation of water in the kitchen and the bath - rooms so that the mosquitos don't find chance to lay eggs.
    6) Never self administer with Aspirin since it may aggravate the disease.
    7) Always wear shirts of full sleeves so the chances of mosquitoes - biting are minimised. Windows are to closed prior to evening so that entry of the mosquitoes are arrested.
    8) Call an attendant for the appropriate spray of repellents in and around your locality to check the menace.

  • Dengue fever is a disease caused by the human body in a virus is spread by mosquitoes and Aedes mosquitoes. This disease is very common diseases in all other states and continents of Asia and Africa. One recent survey the world health organization to be suggest 350 millions cause in every year and also mostly caused in children and severe the dengue fever. So, cure in dengue fever as ayurvedha and siddha medicines of regular treatment.

    Symptoms of Dengue fever

    High temperature fever, headache, severe joint pain, nausea, eyes are yellow, vomiting, motion not controlling, abdominal pain, bleeding and breathing difficulty, skin rashes and allergic.

    Cure Dengue fever in siddha Medicine

    In this world, dengue is average cure in modern English medicine but complete cure in one and only siddha medicine. Siddha medicine is a drug of nilavembu kashayam, papaya leaf kashayam and malai vembu kudineer. Nilavembu kashayam as consumed 30 minutes before food and after 1 hour to drink the kashayam. This is non toxic but no taste but bitter taste, add in honey or sugar mix and to sweep the kashayam drink. Dengue fever should be weight loss and unbalances of immunity to get hot soups to drink the pepper add with boost the energy of the human body. Papaya leaves kashayam is a natural cure in dengue fever. Pomegranate juice taken in boost of health to drink regularly to increase the blood cells count and immunity of the systems. Tulasi leaves to cure in fever in slowly. Hence, dengue is a virus to cure siddha medicine but a human beings gets control the body in regular exercise and yoga asanas and develop immunity systems.

  • Dengue fever is mainly due to mosquito's. Especially mosquito's which have white spot in its body is known to spread dengue fever. First we have to be careful to keep our living space free from mosquito's. Patient who is suffering from dengue first has to be treated by doctor to get immediate treatment. Later on along with medicine we can try some home remedies like
    1) Grind papaya leaf and make the juice let the patient suffering from dengue fever drink this juice at least twice.
    2) Similarly fenugreek seeds or leaves are also helpful in same way as above.
    3) Orange juice will be helpful to increase platelets for dengue fever patients.
    4) Chewing basil leaves will give good taste to tongue during dengue fever.

  • Dengue fever is caused by any of the four dengue viruses spread by mosquitoes that thrive in and near human lodgings. When a mosquitoes bites a person infected with a dengue virus, the virus enters the mosquito. When the infected mosquito, then bites the another person the virus enters that person bloodstream.
    1. Keep yourself hydrated.
    2. Patients with severe dehydration may need blood transfusion.
    3. Painkillers like Tylenol and Paracetamol can help in lowering fever and relieving pain.
    4. Reduce the amount of skin exposed by wearing covered clothes.
    5. Use mosquitoes repellents.
    6. Keep a check on stagant water.
    7. Avoid going outside at dust dawn place.

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