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    How to retain whiteness while making coconut burfis?

    Planning to make coconut burfis? Wondering how to retain whiteness? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    After trying out various ways for retaining the pure whiteness for coconut burfis, I am posting this query. I know that we need to remove the brown skin while grating coconut or grate only the white part and discard the brown part. Whenever I make coconut burfis, I am getting light brownish tinge in coconut burfis and not getting the pure white thing.
    Can anyone please give me the tips for getting pure white coconut burfis?
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  • You probably want the burfi to be like the ones available commercially. To ensure the barfi retains its white colour you need to do the following:

    1. Make the burfi using fresh coconut. Though many people use desiccated coconut for making the burfi, it is best to use fresh coconut, if you want the end product to remain white.
    2. Do not roast the grated coconut too much. It should be roasted no longer than a minute or a minute and a half.
    3. Use a heavy bottomed pan for roasting.
    4. Stir the coconut continuously.

    When you make burfi using fresh coconut and restrict the roasting to just over a minute the shelf-life of the end product reduces. The burfi comes out nice and juicy, but cannot be stored for too long, since the coconut has been kept almost raw.

    Roasting the grated coconut will enhance the life of the sweet, but you will not get that white colour. Roasting the coconut automatically gives a colour to it.

    Also, remember to add a tablespoon of milk, when preparing the sugar syrup (chashni). Doing so brings out the scum present in the sugar. You can scoop it out and discard it. Dirty sugar too can discolour the coconut sweet.

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  • Home made coconut burfi looks brownish in color and commercially prepared coconut burfi is white in color. Taste wise home made burfi is better and if you want home made burfi also to be in white in color as it is available sweet shop then follow the following tips-

    1. Take coconut powder available in market, because its brown skin is already removed.
    2. Roast the coconut powder for less than two minutes. While roasting, stir it continuously.
    3. Use thick bottomed pan for roasting the coconut powder.
    4. By reducing the roasting period of coconut powder your end product will certainly be white in color, but it can not be prepared for longer period.
    5. Most importantly, add milk or milk powder while preparing chashni of sugar. While preparing the sugar syrup scoop out the blackish scum from the chashni, If this step is followed, Certainly you will get white burfi prepared.

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