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    Google chrome browser issue resolution requiered.

    Do you have the problem of automatic redirection to another website when you open your laptop or personal computer. Learn how to solve this issue in this section.

    I'm a software engineer. Today while opening my personal laptop, I got one pop window as windows performance automatically update enable? with yes and no option button, I chose Yes, after that while opening my google chrome web browser, its redirecting to wesite. and I can't search or open gmail. Anything is not opening simply is redirecting to this website while opening google chrome browser. Kindly provide resolution for this.
  • #139801 is a spyware. And it is usually downloaded when you are giving answer to yes and no type of survey. This spyware takes over your browser settings. And makes it harder for you to remove the settings. This spyware often gets installed in the registry and the control panel. So you have to carefully find the installer and remove the all the entries. Some options that can help.

    1. Install spyware search and destroy and clean the system.
    2. If this first step fails then you can install malwarebytes anti malware and then find if that removes the spyware.
    3. Go to control panel.
    4. Uninstall program.
    5. Find entry for the
    6. Click unsintall button.
    7. Open chrome and go to settings > extensions.
    8. Find tavanero and remove.
    9. Open any other browser and remove the respective extension.
    10. Restart the computer and browser as well.
    11. If all the steps fails, uninstall browser. And then download fresh copy of chrome using another browser.
    12. Then reinstall new browser.

  • #139834 is a type of spyware which is install in our registry. To solve the problem you must follow the steps:-

    1. Install the spyware remover or you can also use the antivirus which can remove the spyware.
    2. Remove all the spyware from the registry.
    3. Go to the control panel and the go to the uninstall option.
    4. Then select the google chrome and uninstall the google chrome.
    5. After uninstalling the google chrome , please restart your computer.
    6. Then Download the new version of google chrome from the internet. you may download the google chrome from
    7.After downloading the google chrome , please scan the download copy with antivirus.
    8. Finally install the google chrome into the computer.

    Note:- Please do not skip any step.

    Saket Kumar
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