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    Do divorced women get medical job with age relaxation?

    Can divorced women avail age relaxations in medical jobs? DO you want to know whether a divorced woman is still eligible for the medical job, for which she was selected, when she remarries? Find out the details here.

    I wanted to know that if a divorced women got medical job (state government, Rajasthan) with age relaxation of divorced quota. The lady will not want to lose her job and her family already remarried her. The notification for recruitment writes that "if any divorced women get remarry then she will be not eligible for that job", but in previous notification was not mentioned that divorced person will not remarry before joining job. Please clear that the lady are eligible or not for that job?
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  • Generally speaking, Rajasthan State Government has quota for divorcee women in State Government jobs, but earlier there were certain conditions regarding re-marriage. However, in 2014, Hon'ble High Court of Rajasthan, stated the following: ""The condition of not remarrying till a specific period to get government job is not only unconstitutional but insult to the womanhood."

    In that particular case, the petitioner Mukesh Kumari got married in 1998. Two years later she was divorced. In 2006, she applied for teacher's post under quota for divorced women. However, in 2013, she wasn't allowed to join by the adminstrative authority as she remarried in 2011.

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